Deepak K. Kanungo

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Deepak K. Kanungo is an algorithmic derivatives trader, educator, and CEO of Hedged Capital LLC, an AI-powered proprietary trading company that he founded in 2009. Since 2019, Deepak has taught tens of thousands of O’Reilly Media subscribers worldwide the concepts, processes, and machine learning technologies for algorithmic trading, investing, and finance with Python. In 2005, long before machine learning was an industry buzzword, Deepak invented a probabilistic machine learning method and software system for managing the risks and returns of project portfolios. It is a unique probabilistic framework that has been cited by IBM, Accenture, Fujitsu, among many others. Previously, Deepak was a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley, a Silicon Valley fintech entrepreneur, a director in the Global Planning Department at Mastercard International, and a senior analyst with Diamond Technology Partners. He was educated at Princeton University (astrophysics) and the London School of Economics (finance and information systems). He is the instructor for the O’Reilly course Hands-On Algorithmic Trading with Python.