Jonah Carrio Andersson

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Jonah Andersson a.k.a Jonah Carrio Andersson is a Filipina-Swedish, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft Azure technologies. She is also an Enterprise Software Engineer, Fullstack Developer, and Cloud Infrastructure Engineer. Aside from her career roles, she loves inspiring technology to many people worldwide. She is also actively collaborating, encouraging, volunteering, and sharing technical knowledge as a Mentor, International Public Speaker, and Inclusive Community Leader.

She has a background in BSc. Computer Science and Agile System Development in Microsoft .NET and Java. She teaches and trains about cloud computing, development, and Microsoft Azure technologies as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT ). She is a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer and DevOps Engineer Expert.

Jonah has over 15 years of experience in different tech roles and industries. She has several years of experience in software development in C# .NET. She likes solving challenging, complex problems, programming back-end, and software engineering and cloud development in .NET with cloud computing technologies like Microsoft Azure.

Jonah likes continuous learning, connecting with other developers, and sharing her technical knowledge at her workplace and through public speaking. She is the founder of the Azure User Group Sweden community. Jonah organizes the technical sessions related to Microsoft Azure cloud services and shares her knowledge through this community group.

Jonah wants to make a difference in the tech world by being a role model, advocating gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in tech, mentoring youth and young women, inspiring tech, and cloud technologies, and helping them choose a tech career path in software engineering.

Check out Jonah Andersson's books, including "Learning Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing and Development Fundamentals" at O'Reilly Media. Please feel free to contact her for any feedback, questions, etc.