Richard Erickson

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Richard A Erickson helps people use mathematics and statistics to understand our world as well as make decisions with this data. He is a lifelong Green Bay Packer fan, and, like thousands of other cheeseheads, a team owner. He has taught over 25,000 students statistics through graduate-level courses, workshops, and his DataCamp courses on Generalized Linear Models in R and Hierarchical Models in R. He also uses Python on a regular basis to model scientific problems.

Erickson received his PhD in Environmental Toxicology with an applied math minor from Texas Tech where he wrote his dissertation on modeling population-level effects of pesticides. He has modeled and analyzed diverse datasets including topics such as soil productivity for the USDA, impacts of climate change on disease dynamics, and improving rural healthcare. Erickson currently works as a research scientist and has over 70 peer-reviewed publications. Besides teaching Eric about R and Python, he also taught Eric to like cheese curds.