Drinor Selmanaj

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Drinor Selmanaj is a cybersecurity frontiersman with over a decade of experience in penetration testing, cyberterrorism combat, and global privacy. He has worked with NATO representatives, multinational corporations, tech giants, and heads of state. Drinor is an award-winning cybersecurity professional, lecturer, public speaker, and executive aspiring to boost innovation while perpetually pursuing excellence and keeping one step ahead of cyber threats. He has founded numerous businesses and initiatives focusing on cybersecurity services and education. At Sentry Cybersecurity & Defense, Drinor leads an advanced team of cybersecurity professionals, overseeing the delivery of advanced penetration testing and consultancy services to major corporations, including those classified as unicorn entities and some of the Big Four. Drinor stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of security education, having provided guidance and mentorship to a multitude of students while actively tackling the enduring scarcity of cybersecurity talent. As the visionary founder of the Cyber Academy, Drinor has led the charge in crafting sophisticated courses covering a diverse spectrum of subjects, ranging from the foundational tenets of cybersecurity to the intricacies of advanced domains such as red teaming and adversary emulations. Furthermore, Drinor has played a pivotal role in developing cyber ranges, incorporating the latest offensive and defensive scenarios to train the emerging cybersecurity workforce effectively. The professionals he has trained are highly regarded in leading application security firms, earning multiple accolades from various organizations, including the US Department of Defense. Drinor has achieved immense success as an investor and entrepreneur, bridging the gap between foreign investors and Kosovo's rapidly growing tech scene. His determination to elevate the cybersecurity industry in the nation, all the while achieving success on the international stage, underscores his passion for development and innovation. As a consultant, he has assessed vulnerabilities, opportunities, and mitigation pathways for critical information infrastructures on a national level, in the finance/health sector, and in electoral systems. As a result, Drinor has succeeded in providing a clear vision of national cybersecurity while delivering a comprehensive and concrete action plan.