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New O'Reilly Pocket Reference is a Quick, No-Nonsense Guide to Windows 2000 Commands

April 18, 2001

Sebastopol, CA--The Windows 2000 Commands Pocket Reference (O'Reilly, US $9.95) is the latest release in O'Reilly's reference tools for Windows 2000 administrators. This small book includes information about most available Windows 2000 commands, as well as the most useful system administration command-line utilities from the Windows NT Resource Kit.

Windows administrators can accomplish many of their routine tasks much more quickly by using the command line (similar to the command line of DOS or Unix-based systems) than by going through the graphical user interface that most users associate with Windows. To make the task easier, the Windows 2000 Commands Pocket Reference groups commands according to their purpose and function, and within a group, arranges commands alphabetically. Windows administrators will find this a convenient and logical way to quickly locate needed commands.

The Windows 2000 Commands Pocket Reference is an ideal companion to Windows 2000 Administration in a Nutshell, as well as to Essential Windows NT System Administration. Author Aeleen Frisch is a Windows NT system administrator and the author of several books, including O'Reilly's bestsellers, Essential System Administration and Essential Windows NT System Administration. System administrators will find her guide a valuable, concise reference to Windows 2000 commands and command-line utilities.

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Windows 2000 Commands Pocket Reference
By Aeleen Frisch
March 2001
ISBN 0-596-00148-7, 110 pages, $9.95 (US)

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