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Bestselling Author Tackles Windows Me Annoyances

April 4, 2001

Sebastopol, CA--Based on David Karp's extremely popular annoyances.org web sites, O'Reilly's latest release, Windows Me Annoyances (US $29.95) is a collection of clear, practical solutions for Me problems and techniques for customizing Windows Me.

"Annoyances is about having an attitude that allows you to take charge of Windows, customize it, solve problems, and improve your experience with your computer," says Karp. "I've always been interested in user interfaces, making computers easier for people, the design of computers, the design of machines in general. And on the web site I started to see firsthand the problems people were having. I read a lot of the comments, the things Microsoft never sees, the things Microsoft doesn't pay any attention to--the users."

Packed with creative and seldom-documented ways to quickly identify and fix a particular annoyance or customize Windows for individual needs, Windows Me Annoyances is the definitive, independent resource for dealing with crashes, unintelligible error messages, unwanted icons, and more. Readers can quickly identify annoyances and choose among suggested solutions, adapting Windows to their needs rather than the other way around.

In an ideal world, an operating system is a collection of software that handles a computer's "dirty work" invisibly, quickly, and most of all, painlessly. For many of us, however, Microsoft Windows exists outside this ideal world. We are annoyed by "personalized menus" that keep changing, icons we don't use cluttering up our "workspace," periodic crashes, unintelligible error messages, and inadequate documentation to help us figure it all out.

"Your computer should not be a 'black box', something for which you must adjust the way you work and think," says Karp. "It's a hands-on, flexible tool with many capabilities and limitations. Humans design computers and the software that runs on them; so computers, by their very nature, are imperfect and often troublesome machines."

In Windows Me Annoyances, Karp provides the insider information needed to overcome the many Windows annoyances and limitations. Whether you're looking to finally solve a nagging problem, dramatically improve system performance, or customize the interface to better suit your work habits, the Windows Me Annoyances solution-oriented format makes finding information and implementing solutions easy and pain free. Thanks to the thorough and relevant documentation on the registry, Windows Scripting Host, and Windows built-in networking capabilities, customizing and improving Windows Me is easier than ever. "Instead of being intimidated by the software, you have to take an active roll in fixing the problem. And an active roll in fixing the problem is what Annoyances is all about," explains Karp.

Karp originally created his annoyances.org site in early 1995 while using the beta version of Windows 95. His best selling book Windows Annoyances (1997) compiled the information his web site users found invaluable on Windows 95. His second book Windows 98 Annoyances (1998) was also a bestseller. Windows Me Annoyances is a completely new volume, containing more solutions, undocumented secrets and troubleshooting information, but retaining the clear straightforward style that have made his web site--and his first two books--so popular.

What the critics have said about previous editions:

"When Windows 95 was released, one source that many of us used was not a book, but a home page called Windows 95 Annoyances Home Page. The designer, David Karp, merely found out what problems users were having and put answers on this home page. O'Reilly and Associates saw the wisdom of this approach and has just published Windows Annoyances...by none other than David Karp."
--The Washington Post, August 1997

"One common complaint about Windows 98 is that it comes with no manuals...for folks who want more than the basics, and don't mind messing around under the hood, Windows 98 Annoyances by David A. Karp is an excellent choice. It helps you cope with the many quirks of Win98...Annoyances also offers tons of convenience--and performance-enhancing tips."
--Stephen H. Wildstrom, Newsweek, Nov 23, 1998

"Intermediate to advanced users who find dumbed-down Windows 98 help books less than useful, are in for a pleasant surprise. Windows 98 Annoyances goes beyond rehashed tips for beginners to take a serious look at the new operating system and some of its more exasperating "features." Despite the title, the author David A. Karp spends little time dwelling on the negative, preferring a if it's wrong, let's fix it" approach. Karp's style is friendly and witty without getting in the way of the information. I thought I knew a lot of Windows 98 tricks and workarounds; Windows 98 Annoyances made me feel like a neophyte. If you're fine with Windows the way it is--and you have the patience of a saint--you don't need this book. But if you've ever gritted your teeth while Windows 98 started searching your floppy drive for no apparent reason, this could be the best $25 you've ever spent."
--Jon Jacobi, PC World, Nov 1998

"For anyone starting out with Win95, or those who have considered tossing their PC out the window as a consequence of trying to use it, this is the book to buy--a truly invaluable tool."
--J.R. Griffin, Contributing Editor, The Missouri Review

"Windows 98 Annoyances pays for itself in time saved, frustration avoided, and satisfaction gained."
--Marc Dacey, Toronto Computes!, January 1999

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Windows Me Annoyances
By David A. Karp
March 2001
ISBN 0-596-00060-X, 450 pages, $29.95 (US)

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