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Bestselling "HTML: The Definitive Guide" Now Incorporates XHTML

August 11, 2000

Sebastopol, CA--XHTML is HTML 4.0 rewritten in XML; it provides the precision of XML while retaining the flexibility of HTML. O'Reilly's latest release, HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition, brings HTML, XTML and a host of other web technologies together. It is the most comprehensive book available on HTML and XHTML today. "Although HTML 4.0 may be the end of one long road to standardization," says co-author Chuck Musciano, "it has launched a new journey for web authors that begins with XHTML 1.0."

"When HTML was originally conceived, no one had any idea it would be so successful or be asked to handle so many kinds of documents, browsers, and media," explains Musciano. "While it has borne up admirably under the demands of web users, HTML 4.0 has stretched as far as it can to accommodate new technology. While HTML 4.0 is petering out, XHTML 1.0 stands ready to step in, designed to handle almost anything web authors can dream up."

In HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide, the authors cover every element of HTML/XHTML in detail, explaining how each element works and how it interacts with other elements. Many hints about HTML/XHTML style help you write documents ranging from simple online documentation to complex presentations. With hundreds of examples, the book gives you models for writing your own effective web pages and for mastering advanced features like style sheets and frames.

This new edition of an O'Reilly bestseller covers HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, Netscape Navigator 6.0, Internet Explorer 5.0, JavaScript, Style Sheets, Layers, and all of the features supported by the popular web browsers.

What critics and readers said about previous editions:

"We've learned more about HTML from this source than any other. It is incredibly well written and easy to understand. So many resources tell you how to create HTML tags, but few tell you why these tags are applied in the way they are. It's one web-oriented book we can't be without." --Photo Electronic Imaging

"An excellent reference book." --Jennifer Kyrnin, HTML Guide, About.com

"No other HTML book holds a torch to this one. It's not only good for learning new information, but also for refreshers and for use as a quick reference. Looking at other HTML books is always disappointing after using this one. If you want to get better at HTML, and have fun doing it, this is the book for you." --Dave Brewer, posted on Amazon.com

"This is possibly the most comprehensive HTML book available today...The authors discuss every HTML element in detail, explaining semantics, syntax and variations, while helping you to distinguish between good and bad HTML usage. If you want to be a HTML master, buy this book." --Geoff Choo, Director Solutions webzine

"O'Reilly, the grand poobah of internet reference publishers, gives you all the HTML reference you need." --Hotwired

"A thorough introduction to the subject and an excellent reference book." --Gregor M. Novak, Computers in Physics

"This is an excellent, well-written book on HTML, and will be a great aid for any web author out there." --The Computer Paper

"This book by Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy is the best book [I've seen] about HTML. Of all the upcoming thousands of books on that subject, this one seems to be the most comprehensive and detailed." --Markus Schnell

"Out of the hundreds of HTML books on the market just one stands out for completeness and clarity... 'HTML: The Definitive Guide' by Chuck Musciano & Bill Kennedy. Not only does this book cover HTML well without treating the reader as if he were a child, it also covers the major extensions to the HTML language developed by both Netscape and Microsoft. Clear technical writing, for which O'Reilly & Associates is known, is what makes this book required reading for every web master.... I have seen dozens of books about HTML...but this is the only one that comes close to being the kind of printed documentation that most computer programming languages come with. An excellent book which I would, and have, suggested to anyone." --Greg Kearney, Editor, Internet Daily News

Online Resources: HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition
By Chuck Musciano & Bill Kennedy
4th Edition, August 2000
0-596-00026-X, 680 pages, $34.95 (US$)

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