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A Web Programmer's New Best Friend: O'Reilly Releases "The Web Programming CD Bookshelf, Version 1.0"

April 16, 2003

Sebastopol, CA--Yes, web programming can be a lonely job--especially when you're in the midst of it. There are moments when you are so focused and your concentration is so intense that you can move your eyes away from your monitor only with the most profound reluctance. But, even the most experienced programmers must pause occasionally to skim a reference book or track down that elusive bit of information that can help them do the job a little better. What could be more natural then, than to have those reference books on CD? The Web Programming CD Bookshelf, Version 1.0 (O'Reilly, US $129.95) combines the six books that web programmers use the most into a convenient CD. Searchable, portable, and full of valuable information, it's like having a web programming guru in your computer.

Formatted in HTML, "The Web Programming CD Bookshelf" can be read by any web browser. The CD-ROM contains six bestselling O'Reilly web programming guides--more than 4600 fully searchable and cross-referenced pages--so programmers can search either the individual index for each book or the master index for the entire collection. Included are the complete, unabridged versions of these popular titles:

As a bonus, "The Web Programming CD Bookshelf" also includes the new paperback version of "Webmaster in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition."

"The Web Programming CD Bookshelf" is a complete repository of all the information web programmers need to get their job done: an up-to-date, exhaustive reference library on a single CD. If purchased separately, the six books would retail for $264.70, but "The Web Design CD Bookshelf" retails for only $129.95. This latest addition to O'Reilly's CD Bookshelf series means that web programmers will never need to leave their computers again--unless they choose to.

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The Web Programming CD Bookshelf, Version 1.0
By O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
ISBN 0-596-00510-5, 561 pages, $129.95 (US), $201.95 (CAN), 92.50 (UK)

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