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CollabNet and O'Reilly Partner with Sun on Collaborative Development Site--java.net: Unique, Web-based Community Facilitates Java Collaboration for 3 Million Developers Using the Java Platform

June 10, 2003

San Francisco, CA--JavaOne Developer Conference--The best modern software development is a collaborative effort, distributed among a global community of developers who together build a vigorous and sustainable software ecology. Today at JavaOne, Sun Microsystems, Inc., O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., and CollabNet, Inc. announced java.net, a site that is designed to be the ultimate watering hole for the entire Java developer ecosystem.

Sponsored by Sun, java.net is the central location for developers to share ideas, related source code, documentation, and other development work based on Java technology. O'Reilly and CollabNet, two companies noted for fostering independent developer communities, are providing the editorial resources and technology infrastructure for the site. java.net provides an independent meeting place for all of the companies and individuals that make up the Java developer community; along with tools for collaboration, news, and information about the latest and most innovative Java development efforts.

"Sun is committed to the evolution of the Java technology and the Java developer community. Our partnership with O'Reilly and CollabNet enables Sun to provide Java developers with access to the industry leading resources, technical content, and collaborative development tools necessary to coordinate their development activities through a unified environment. We're looking forward to java.net becoming the source for Java developers worldwide to collaborate on Java applications, tools and services," said Mike Bellissimo, Senior Director, Sun Software Developer Marketing and Management, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

The first projects to be available on java.net showcase the broad range of capabilities of the Java technology, including: development, gaming, peer-to-peer protocol, telecommunications, and web services. The java.net community showcases popular Java technologies including: NetBeans.org, Jini network technology, and Project JXTA, as well as development initiatives such as JAIN, a set of Java technology-based APIs for development of telecommunications products and services.

Using the CollabNet SourceCast environment, java.net members can collaborate on projects and exchange information across geographically distributed teams. The CollabNet SourceCast environment combines applications for: software development, knowledge management, and technical communication controlled through a centralized project workspace and based on a centralized fine-grain role-based permissions model.

O'Reilly is producing technical content for the site, including Java Today, a community newspaper for Java developers. In addition to daily Java news that is collected by O'Reilly editors or submitted by the Java community, the site will highlight the work of its members, and provide profiles of interesting projects and people. O'Reilly is also managing the site's talkbacks, wikis, and blogs, which provide plenty of avenues for developers to connect with each other, get questions answered, and find collaborators.

The resources and content on java.net will benefit all types of Java developers, whether they work at large corporations, small to medium businesses, or on independent projects. Developers can start their own projects relating to Java technology or participate in projects sponsored by Sun or started by other community members. java.net also contains organizational and archival features to easily keep track of all project activities.

"java.net provides developers with a unique combination of technologies and source code from Sun, as well as other organizations, technical content from O'Reilly, and the CollabNet collaborative development environment. Because the CollabNet SourceCast environment is the basis for other major Sun sponsored Java communities including: Jini.org, jxta.org and netbeans.org, developers will be familiar with the tools available on java.net," said Brian Behlendorf, co-founder and CTO, CollabNet.

"For the past twenty-five years, we've been listening closely to developers and bringing them the information they need. java.net incorporates the best practices of our publishing and web development efforts," said Tim O'Reilly, founder and CEO of O'Reilly & Associates. "With java.net, we're bringing the O'Reilly perspective to the Java community, and, just as important, we're creating a site where community members can learn, speak up, and connect."

About CollabNet

CollabNet provides companies with solutions for Collaborative Software Development (CSD) by combining a Web-based software application with a suite of consulting services. Using these solutions, customers can collaborate on development projects within an enterprise, with customers, business partners, or with third party developers. CollabNet enables corporations to reduce costs and increase revenues by bringing different project team members together, regardless of their location. The CollabNet SourceCast environment has been proven to scale from companies with a handful of users to enterprises with tens of thousands of users. CollabNet is currently working with dozens of Fortune 500 and industry-leading enterprise companies, including: Barclays Global Investors (BGI), Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW), HP, Motorola, SK Telecom, and Sun Microsystems. Brian Behlendorf, co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation, established CollabNet in July 1999. For more information, see www.collab.net.

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