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"Windows XP Unwired" Sets Windows Users Free

September 11, 2003

Sebastopol, CA--From the growing number of Wi-Fi hotspots to the escalating sales of laptops and other portable wireless-enabled devices, it's clear that wireless technology is here and poised to play an increasingly important role in all our lives. Going wireless is a little like taking the training wheels off your first bike--once you taste the freedom, you don't want to go back to what you had before. Moreover, dramatic improvements in wireless technology in the last few years coupled with the growing affordability of wireless equipment make going wireless all the more attractive. And if you're a Windows XP user, it's even better. Windows XP contains many built-in supports for wireless computing, making it an ideal platform for going mobile.

In Windows XP Unwired (O'Reilly, US $24.95) by Wei-Meng Lee, readers learn the basics of wireless computing, from the reasons why they'd want to go wireless in the first place, to setting up their own wireless networks or accessing wireless services on the road.

"Wireless technology is one of the hottest technologies available today," says Lee. "It was exciting to write a book that covers all the different uses of wireless technologies in Windows XP. I've included background information on each wireless technology, followed by practical advice and tips on how to get them working in Windows XP."

The book provides a complete introduction to all the wireless technologies supported by Windows XP, including Wi-Fi (802.11b, a, and g), infrared, Bluetooth, CDMA2000, and GPRS. Windows XP users will learn how to set up their first wireless network using popular products from Linksys and D-Link and along the way, they'll also get a good understanding of the limitations and liabilities of each wireless technology.

Other topics covered in "Windows XP Unwired" include:

  • Connecting to wireless hotspots

  • Using Microsoft's Smart Display to go wireless without a laptop

  • Putting GPS technology to use

  • Wireless security

  • Selecting the right cellular data plan

  • Mapping Wi-Fi hotspots with NetStumbler and a GPS

  • Wirelessly synchronizing with your Palm or Pocket PC

"Windows XP Unwired" is a one-stop wireless information source for technically savvy Windows XP users. Whether you're considering wireless as a supplement or alternative to cable and DSL, or using wireless to network computers in your home or office, this book will show you the full-spectrum view of wireless capabilities of Windows XP, and how to take advantage of them.

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Windows XP Unwired
Wei-Meng Lee
ISBN 0-596-00536-9, 267, $24.95 US, $38.95 CA
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