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"C# Cookbook": Sure-Fire Recipes for Cooking Up Your Own Application Masterpieces

February 2, 2004

Sebastopol, CA--The new C# Cookbook (O'Reilly, US $49.95) by Stephen Teilhet and Jay Hilyard doesn't pretend to be a primer or a reference guide to C#. Instead, it's a definitive collection of essential solutions and practical examples for the C# language--the kind of book that developers will use on a day-to-day basis to tackle their programming problems, from the routine to the obscure.

"Programmers don't have to read all or even most of this book to become immediately productive," according to Teilhet. C# Cookbook is for C# developers of any skill level who want to cut to the chase--to bypass the theory and get on with writing solid code and making the most of C# and the .NET Framework. As relevant for those who simply want plug-and-play code as it is for those who are making a conscious transition from writing code to writing elegant code for maximum performance, this book will help developers build their programming skills while deepening their understanding of the language--and getting their daily jobs done efficiently and with fewer frustrations.

Teilhet and Hilyard teach by example, delivering practical answers, sharing usable advice and important concepts, and modeling good programming practice. The 200-plus recipes in the book--which cover performance, versioning, readability, maintainability, logic, reliability, and much more--are thorough, complete, and always in accordance with best practices. "This book not only tells you how to do something, but it tells you the most robust way to do it," says Teilhet.

The recipes in the C# Cookbook allow developers to learn by doing. Nearly every one contains a complete, documented code sample showing readers how to solve a specific problem, including a discussion of how and why the underlying technology works, and offering alternatives, limitations, and other considerations where appropriate. The C# Cookbook guides developers in:

  • Performing numeric and data type conversions
  • Using and comparing strings and characters
  • Creating and maintaining structures and classes
  • Throwing and handling exceptions
  • Implementing diagnostic code in applications
  • Using delegates and events
  • Working with regular expressions
  • Using and extending .NET's collection classes
  • Managing files and directories
  • Looking inside types and assemblies with reflection
  • Network programming
  • Creating data structures and algorithms
  • Maximizing security
  • Working with XML documents
  • Organized by the types of problems people are likely to encounter as they progress as C# programmers, the coding solutions in the C# Cookbook can be used, adapted, and easily modified to the individual needs and goals of developers and their applications. And their use will undoubtedly (and effortlessly) improve developers' mastery of both C# and .NET Framework Class Libraries.

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    C# Cookbook
    Stephen Teilhet and Jay Hilyard
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