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O'Reilly Releases Spanish-Language Titles

June 21, 2004

Sebastopol, CA--Last year, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that Hispanics have become the largest minority group in the country, making up 13% of the population. Approximately one third of them have access to the Internet at home, work, or school, and that number is increasing. The U.S. is home to a significant segment of worldwide Spanish-language online population--a greater number than the online populations of Columbia, Argentina, and Mexico combined.

More and more Hispanic households own computers, and with ownership comes the desire to make your computer do what you want it to. O'Reilly has been helping English speakers tame and control their computers for over 25 years, and is now offering eight of its most popular titles in Spanish-- four books from the Hacks series, three pocket guides, and the bestseller PC Annoyances. The complete list of titles is below.

Priced the same as their English-language counterparts, the books were translated by two Spanish publishers located in Madrid--Anaya Multimedia (www.anaya.es) and Nowtilus (www.nowtilus.com). These books offer Spanish speakers the insights they need to find information and reduce the frustration of working with computers.

  • Trucos Google (Google Hacks)
    ISBN: 84-415-1648-0, $24.95 US
  • Trucos Mac OS X (Mac OS X Hacks)
    ISBN: 84-415-1649-9, $24.95 US
  • Trucos Redes Inalambricas (Wireless Hacks)
    ISBN: 84-415-1647-2, $24.95 US
  • Trucos Windows XP (Windows XP Hacks)
    ISBN: 84-415-1650-2, $24.95 US
  • Excel Guia de Bolsillo (Excel Pocket Guide)
    ISBN: 84-9763-081-5, $9.95 US
  • Google Guia de Bolsillo (Google Pocket Guide)
    ISBN: 84-9763-082-3, $9.95 US
  • Windows XP Guia de Bolsillo (Windows XP Pocket Guide)
    ISBN: 84-9763-080-7, $9.95 US
  • MALDITA PC! (PC Annoyances)
    ISBN: 84-9763-079-3, $19.95 US
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