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"Enterprise JavaBeans, Fourth Edition": Classic EJB Book Updated for 2.1 and Includes New JBoss Workbook

August 13, 2004

Sebastopol, CA--The new 2.1 version of the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) spec extends its support for web services and the Java Web Services APIs, expands its asynchronous messaging support, adds XML Schema for deployment descriptors, and introduces a new Timer service, which allows for scheduling EJB jobs. The essential--and award winning--book on EJBs, Enterprise JavaBeans, (O'Reilly, US $44.95) by Richard Monson-Haefel, has been completely revised and updated in this new fourth edition, to provide the real-world, nitty-gritty detail developers need to master EJB 2.1.

Previous editions of this clear and engaging introduction to EJBs were voted the "Best Java Book" by the editors and readers of Java Developer's Journal, the "Best Java Book for Experts," by JavaPro editors, and one of the top computer books by Amazon.com.

"Enterprise JavaBeans, Fourth Edition" includes everything that made previous editions the must-have book for EJB developers: the author's solid grasp of the complexities of EJBs coupled with his succinct, easy-to-follow style; hundreds of clear, practical examples; adept coverage of the key concepts of EJBs; and diagrams to illustrate the concepts presented. Monson-Haefel tackles everything developers need to get up to speed quickly on the changes wrought by EJB version 2.1, including an architecture overview, information on resource management and primary services, design strategies, and XML deployment descriptors.

This fourth edition also includes an EJB workbook for JBoss 4.0, written by Bill Burke and Sacha Labourey, members of JBoss, Inc. and co-developers of JBoss Clustering features. Deploying EJB software on a server has always been a challenge for most developers; the workbook addresses this issue by showing how to deploy all of the examples on the JBoss 4.0 application server. JBoss is an open source project that has become the most widely used J2EE application server.

Good technical authors lay the facts before you, but great ones offer the distilled essence of their own experience and insight. In "Enterprise JavaBeans, Fourth Edition," Richard Monson-Haefel has provided just what Java developers need to know to harness the complexity of EJBs. That which makes Monson-Haefel a master of technical authoring can be seen in his well-thought-out and logical progression of ideas, and in his practical, precise, usable examples, large enough to test key concepts but still small enough to be comprehensible taken apart and explained in the detail readers will need to deploy those principles in other situations.

Praise for the previous edition:

"'Enterprise JavaBeans' is a thorough, easy-to-read, and well-thought-out book, extremely useful to beginners and grizzled veterans alike...Monson-Haefel knows his stuff, and it comes through in his book...'Enterprise JavaBeans' is the most thorough introduction to the EJB technology available and deserves the awards it has received. If you're just getting started with EJB or need a reference to the new version of the specification, give this title a long look."
--Lamont Adams, Builder.com, March 2002

"This is a must-have book if you want an introduction to EJBs, are migrating from EJB 1.1 to 2.0, or want to build a new application using EJBs...this is one of the best sources of information on EJBs I have found."
--Ajit Sagar, Java Developers Journal, May 2002

"...an authoritative and thoughtful guide to EJB. His examples are clear and...very practical. His prose is informative and clear without being too simplistic for more experienced developers. The book excels by peeking beneath the covers and explaining some of the stranger 'features' of EJB while raising very valid concerns about the current inadequacies of EJB 2.0 (such as the almost useless EJB QL). By raising such issues in a very well known book, hopefully EJB will take notice and be improved. All in all, this is the first book to look at when grokking EJB."
--GameJUG, Feb 2003

Further reviews can be found at: http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/entjbeans3/reviews.html

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Enterprise Java Beans, Fourth Edition
Richard Monson-Haefel, Bill Burke, and Sacha Labourey
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