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"Exploring the JDS Linux Desktop": JDS Brings Open Source to the Masses

October 8, 2004

Sebastopol, CA--Sun Microsystems' Java Desktop System (JDS) is an unusually robust, well-integrated desktop system that may indeed become the first to fulfill the promise of open source for the masses. JDS makes Linux and other open source software suitable for everyday personal computer users, including office workers, students, and mobile and home users. And Exploring the JDS Linux Desktop (O'Reilly, US $34.95) by Tom Adelstein and Sam Hiser helps those everyday users become highly productive using JDS.

"JDS helps you unleash the power of Linux without much of a learning curve," note Adelstein and Hiser. "You get the convenience of a familiar and friendly desktop screen along with the secure, stable, and extensible Linux operating system." JDS behaves much like a Windows or Mac system, but with many more powerful features. JDS has seen widespread adoption in the United States, Britain, China, and elsewhere.

"You will like JDS," authors Adelstein and Hiser promise their readers. "Although other user-friendly operating systems for personal computers exist, they do not combine the polish, the wealth of software, the security, and the support from a trusted company that you get with JDS."

But readers needn't take their word for it. With the CD that accompanies this book, readers can take the JDS Linux desktop for a test drive without having to install software or overwrite anything on their current computer system. They can experiment with JDS at their own pace and return to their regular operating system whenever they like.

But the authors also caution readers that they aren't likely to want to return to the trials and tribulations of proprietary operating systems: "Sun has produced an intuitive desktop that allows you not only to use what you already know about a computer but also to do more than you thought you could."

Adelstein and Hiser deliver a step-by-step tour of JDS and countless timesaving tips, tricks, and shortcuts. Exploring the JDS Linux Desktop covers such housekeeping chores as setting up networking, updates, and backups. It goes into great depth concerning the key productivity tools every user needs: email, web browsing, instant messaging, word processing, spreadsheets, and slide presentations.

For anyone eager to use and to learn Linux, Exploring the JDS Linux Desktop is clear and direct. But it's loaded with insights from authors who have spent time working with, supporting, and enhancing the system. There's plenty here for the new users as well as for seasoned Linux professionals.

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Exploring the JDS Linux Desktop
Tom Adelstein and Sam Hiser
ISBN 0-596-00752-3, 390 pages, $34.95 US, $50.95 CA
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