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"eBay Hacks, Second Edition": The Faster, Smarter, More Profitable Way to eBay

June 22, 2005

Sebastopol, CA--"eBay is more than just a web site," says David A. Karp. "It's a community of millions of people in all parts of the world, all of whom are buying and selling with varying degrees of experience, ingenuity, and, of course, intelligence." In his new eBay Hacks, Second Edition (O'Reilly, US $24.95), eBay expert Karp, shares his many years' experience, and eBay intelligence with anyone who wants to maximize their success in bidding, buying, and selling to get the most out of their eBay experience.

A fully revised and updated version of the original bestseller, eBay Hacks, Second Edition includes hacks--tools, tricks, strategies, and shortcuts--for buyers and sellers, casual surfers and serious collectors, new eBayers and longtime users alike. Thirty brand-new hacks and countless expanded, deepened, or otherwise completely rewritten hacks help eBayers trade smarter, safer, make more money, and have fun doing it.

"The best deals (and the best finds) are usually the items that most people don't see," reminds Karp. A must have guide for anyone interested in succeeding with eBay, readers will learn how to:

  • Master the art of searching on eBay
  • Use clever bidding techniques to win more while spending less, like sniping--"all it takes is a little nerve and the ability to tell time"
  • Protect themselves before and after bidding, and never lose another penny to dishonest sellers
  • Customize auction descriptions with JavaScript, HTML, forms, and other goodies
  • Attract buyers and sell more with eye-catching, clear, well-composed photos
  • Cultivate a positive reputation on eBay by protecting their feedback rating, setting reasonable expectations, and eliminating deadbeat bidders
  • Run a profitable and rewarding business by streamlining listings, checkout, and shipping
  • Automate communications with customers
  • Dive into eBay's API and develop custom software that can be integrated with their business or distributed to others
  • With a great sense of humor and a passion for using eBay responsibly, and ethically, Karp shows buyers, sellers, and developers how to best take advantage of eBay's latest features and capabilities. Readers will fully understand eBay policies, and how to use subtle strategy, a little diplomacy, and the right tools to become more sophisticated, highly satisfied members of the eBay marketplace.

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    eBay Hacks, Second Edition
    David A. Karp
    ISBN: 0-596-10068-X, 404 pages, $24.95 US, $34.95 CAN
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