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Registration Opens for the First Annual O'Reilly European Open Source Convention

July 19, 2005

Sebastopol, CA--Europe has proven to be particularly welcoming to open source projects and innovators. Widespread adoption by European governments and organizations has signaled strong support for open source technologies and has put that part of the world squarely in a leadership position in the open source space. Recognizing this, and to continue championing open source in an international forum, O'Reilly Media has launched its first O'Reilly European Open Source Convention (EuroOSCON). Registration has just opened for EuroOSCON, which will be held at the Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on October 17-20, 2005. Discounted registration pricing is in effect until August 29.

EuroOSCON 2005 targets the specific needs of European developers, programmers, and systems and network administrators, helping them to deliver the benefits of open source technology in all its variations to their companies and organizations. Like OSCON, its US counterpart, EuroOSCON aims to be the crossroads of all things open source, bringing together diverse projects and communities from across the continent and around the world. By highlighting emerging technologies, the convention helps to evangelize the newest and most promising applications and developments to the widest possible audience.

The program committee has assembled tutorials, sessions, panel discussions, and on-stage conversations focusing on all aspects of building applications,O'Reilly European Open Source Convention services, and systems that take advantage of the open source platform with an emphasis on practical skill-building. Mature technologies will be explored in depth alongside newer and less developed software and tools, allowing attendees to take in the full range of open source's capabilities.

As EuroOSCON program chair Nat Torkington summarizes, "We have a whole track for business, covering developing nations, business models, and the future of open source in Europe. Java, Linux, and Emerging Topics are huge. We'll have an Asterisk tutorial and a strong Python track. We're celebrating the best speakers and unique needs of Europe as well as bringing over top American open source experts. From web technology like AJAX, Ruby on Rails, and Plone to server technology like MySQL and Apache, we've sought out the most essential open source technology."

Featured topics and presenters at EuroOSCON include:

  • Keynote presentations: David Heinemeier-Hansson, Cory Doctorow, Tim O'Reilly, Nathan Torkington, Rael Dornfest, Marc Hedlund
  • Business: Doug Levin, Donald Rosenberg, Danese Cooper
  • Linux: Alan Cox, Luis Casas Luengo, Greg Stein, Frederic Descamp, Erwin Tenhumberg
  • Java: Brian Sam-Bodden, Erik Hatcher
  • PHP: Rasmus Lerdorf, Sebastian Bergmann, Daniel Guermeur
  • Python: Alex Martelli, Joel Burton, Martijn Faassen
  • Perl: Larry Wall, Damian Conway, Abigail, Leon Brocard, Autrijus Tang
  • Databases: David Axmark, Theo Schlossnagle, Jutta Horstmann
  • Security: Ben Laurie, Marty Pauley, John Viega
  • Emerging Topics (Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Subversion): Kathy Sierra, Paul Everitt, Martin King-Turner
  • EuroOSCON will also feature entertaining evening events, plenty of opportunities for informal networking, and an exhibit hall filled with exciting, cutting edge products. Sponsors include Computer Associates, Microsoft, and SpikeSource.

    The 2005 O'Reilly conference calendar includes ETech, the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference; the MySQL Users Conference, co-presented with MySQL AB; Where 2.0 Conference; and Web 2.0 (co-hosted by Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle, and co-produced with MediaLive International). O'Reilly conferences bring together forward-thinking business and technology leaders, shaping ideas and influencing industries around the globe. For over 25 years, O'Reilly has facilitated the adoption of new and important technologies by the enterprise, putting emerging technologies on the map.

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