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iLife '05: The Missing Manual: Davie Pogue Inspires Creativity with iLife '05

September 23, 2005

Sebastopol, CA--Apple has a time-honored reputation for taking complex technologies and software functions, and producing simpler, more inexpensive packages with an elegant, intuitive interface. They take this one step further with iLife '05, and compile the applications in an extraordinary package--including iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, iDVD and GarageBand. With iLife '05, Apple delivers an unrivaled digital media experience that can inspire creativity. The only thing missing is a manual. Here's where O'Reilly/Pogue Press steps in and saves the day with author David Pogue's latest, the "book that should have been in the box"--iLife '05: The Missing Manual (O'Reilly, $29.95).

Since Pogue has the freedom to write about the flaws in the programs as well as the features, his Missing Manuals are better than the books that would have been in the box. In this book, Pogue has blended coverage from his iMovie HD and iDVD5, iPhoto5, GarageBand 2 and iPod and iTunes manuals--into one powerful, inexpensive how-to guide.

"If you have all the other Missing Manuals, you probably don't need this book," says Pogue. "And if you find yourself spending most of your time in one of these programs, it's probably worth checking the relevant Missing Manual out of the library to soak in the extra detail that this all-in-one book doesn't have. But everything you need is in this book."

"In fact, iLife '05: The Missing Manual offers such complete coverage of the topics," he says, "it could have been called iBook. But that name was already taken."

For music, movies, pictures, and DVD creations, Pogue provides the best tips, tricks, shortcuts, and techniques:

  • iTunes--Getting music in and out of iTunes, managing a music collection, buying songs, connecting to an iPod, and sharing music
  • iPhoto--Getting photos into iPhoto, editing shots, producing and viewing a slideshow, printing and publishing a photo book, managing photos online and on a network, and managing photo libraries
  • iMovie HD--Using a camcorder with a Mac; building the movie; including transitions and effects; incorporating titles, captions and credits; adding narration, music and sound; working with still pictures and QuickTime movies; and presenting the results
  • iDVD--Creating DVDs using content from iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto, and GarageBand, marking chapters, designing a menu screen, changing backgrounds, buying sound and vision, archiving projects, and burning the DVD
  • GarageBand--Setting up the Garage; using loops and managing software instruments; recording and editing live audio; using effects, guitar amps and instrument modules; and mixing and publishing
  • This book explores each program in depth and offers shortcuts, workarounds, and unearths features that the online help doesn't even mention, allowing the reader to harness the power of the technology for their own creative expression and entertainment.

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    iLife '05: The Missing Manual
    By David Pogue
    ISBN: 0-596-10036-1
    744 pages, $29.95 US, $41.95 CA
    1-800-998-9938; 1-707-827-7000

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