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O'Reilly Named to EContent 100 in Recognition of Online Information Services

December 12, 2005

Sebastopol, CA--O'Reilly Media, Inc. is one of 100 companies that matter most in the digital content industry, according to EContent magazine. O'Reilly was recognized for its track record of innovation, from oreilly.com, the company's flagship web site, to the O'Reilly Network family of tech information sites and blogs, to online information services Safari and SafariU (partnerships with The Pearson Technology Group).

O'Reilly was honored in the Content Delivery category, which covers tools, solutions, and technologies for delivering digital content. Publisher of the legendary "animal books," O'Reilly is well known for producing technology content, but the company has long been a pioneer in getting that content online, as well. In the pre-Web days of the early '90s, O'Reilly founded the Davenport Group, a consortium that developed the Docbook DTD format for online documentation. In 1993, it launched the Global Network Navigator, the first commercial web site and Web portal. Safari and SafariU, O'Reilly's latest online content plays, use Web 2.0 principles to provide a powerful, customizable platform for finding and using online information (see Tim O'Reilly's What is Web 2.0?).

"SafariU, our newest online service, is a prime example of how technology innovation serves those who need good content--in this case teachers and trainers," said CJ Rayhill, SafariU general manager. "SafariU gives users the power to shape our content to their particular ends. They can 'remix' book content and even add their own, and we can deliver their creation online or in a custom book. We're delighted that EContent magazine has recognized our efforts."

The database at the heart of Safari and SafariU contains the content from more than 3000 books from partners O'Reilly and Pearson, plus additional publishers, including Microsoft Press. Publishers interested in participating in Safari and SafariU can contact Derek Chase at 707-827-7257 or chase@oreilly.com.

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