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O'Reilly Network Launches Emerging Telephony Web Site to Explore the Latest Happenings in Telecommunications

December 16, 2005

Sebastopol, CA--IP telephony technologies are heating up the telecommunications industry. Search companies are adding voice options for their customers, web developer voice platforms are creating entirely new services opportunities, open source IP PBX platforms are striking fear into the hearts of traditional telcos. With so many new options, shuffling international players, and related apps coming fast and furious from the deep recesses of hackerdom, O'Reilly Network has launched a new site, Emerging Telephony, to help developers and other interested parties stay ahead of the curve in this industry in transition.

Notes site editor Bruce Stewart, a telecommunications aficionado from way back, "We've been following IP telephony closely here at O'Reilly for quite some time. We have several great books and an important new conference--also called Emerging Telephony--in this space, and our new web site will round out our offerings. O'Reilly Emerging Telephony is where we'll be keeping an eye on the alpha geeks in the telecommunications field."

Emerging Telephony features news, analysis, and in-depth technical content including reviews and hands-on tutorials from O'Reilly editors, authors, and other industry experts. Of particular interest is a just-posted interview with Norman Lewis, the director of technology research for France Telecom's ISP, Wanadoo. Lewis will be one of the key speakers at the O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference, scheduled for January 24-26 in Burlingame, California.

In addition to Stewart and O'Reilly open source editor Andy Oram, contributors include Brian McConnell, John Todd, Surj Patel, and Phillip Torrone. Via blogs, how-tos, articles and opinion pieces, they'll be examining VoIP applications, mobile applications, Asterisk, Skype, Vonage, and other VoIP service providers, telecom regulation and policy issues, reviewing some of the coolest new mobile gadgets and hardware in telephony, and more.

The O'Reilly Emerging Telephony site helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the projects, people, and products pushing the telecommunications envelope.

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