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O'Reilly Podcasts Debut at Macworld: "Distributing the Future" and "Make Audio & Video" Podcast Shows, and FOO Casts with Incisive Commentary, Expert Insights, Tips, and Techniques

January 9, 2006

MacWorld Expo & Conference, San Francisco, CA--O'Reilly Media debuts its O'Reilly Podcast programming with Distributing the Future and "Make Audio and Video" Podcast shows, FOO Casts (Friends of O'Reilly Podcasting), "In Our Ears" highlights, "Pick of the Week" and more.

In order to promote its new podcast programming, O'Reilly will be giving away a 30GB iPod Video at Macworld. Attendees can sign up to win at O'Reilly's booth #1017. The winner will be announced on O'Reilly's Podcasts page on January 16, 2006.

This week on Foo Casts, expert podcasters Jack Herrington, Doug Kaye, and James Polanco, discuss tips on podcasting gear. You'll also hear Tiger tips from David Pogue, expert insights on dealing with Spam from Annoyances authors Steve Bass and Dan Tynan, and author Derrick Story on what to look for in a digital camera.

What you'll find on the O'Reilly Podcasts page:

  • Distributing the Future hosted by Daniel Steinberg
    O'Reilly Media's weekly podcast show features the technology and the people behind what you're using now--and what you'll use next. This half hour program includes interviews and commentary on science, technology, related social issues, and is good fun, to boot.
  • MAKE Audio and Video hosted by Phil Torrone
    Each week MAKE magazine delivers audio and video of amazing Makers, inventions, do-it-yourself projects, and lab tours. Phil also showcases how all kinds of things are made, from wireless microphones to cigar-box guitars.
  • FOO Casts--Podcasts from Friends of O'Reilly
    FOO Casts feature great audio interviews from O'Reilly's editors, authors, conference presenters, and other friends. Get a fresh perspective by hearing an author explain a concept in a new way, or speak about new tech topics, gadgets, tips, and techniques.
  • In Our Ears & Pick of the Week Selections
    Podcast recommendations from O'Reilly editors, authors, and readers.
  • "Many don't realize that O'Reilly has been producing great audio shows like MAKE magazine's audio and video podcasts," comments Derrick Story, managing editor of O'Reilly Network, Mac Devcenter, and O'Reilly's Digital Media site. "I think folks will find that "Distributing the Future" is one of the most interesting podcast shows in syndication, along with the terrific variety of other offerings we have."

    O'Reilly Podcasts deliver inspiration, tips for working smarter, expert advice, and incisive commentary on tech topics. Subscribe, download, and listen:

  • http://www.oreillynet.com/podcasts/
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