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Programming SQL Server 2005: Extensive Changes Make an Altogether New SQL Server

March 13, 2006

Sebastopol, CA--With SQL Server 2005, Microsoft has established its dominance of relational database management system software, says author Bill Hamilton. And, indeed, it comes with a long list of changes designed for increased security, scalability, and power, all of which position it as a complete data package. "I believe that SQL Server 2005, the update to SQL Server 2000, is simply the best and easiest-to-use RDBMS available," says Hamilton, adding that this release is sure to increase adoption: "The extensive new features and functionality in this release make it both a compelling upgrade for SQL Server 2000 and a compelling migration for environments where other RDBMSs are deployed."

Used properly, SQL Server 2005 can help organizations of all sizes meet their data challenges head on. The fresh challenge, however, is to master its many new features, because SQL Server 2005 is an altogether different animal than its predecessor. Hamilton's latest book, Programming SQL Server 2005 (O'Reilly, US $49.99) will make the learning curve a little less arduous for those who are ready to learn to put the new SQL Server through its paces.

Programming SQL Server 2005 is designed for users of all levels; the book requires no previous experience with SQL Server 2000, since SQL Server 2005 differs immensely from its predecessor. The book is an ideal primer for developers with little or no SQL Server experience, and a perfect tool to help seasoned SQL Server developers ramp up to SQL Server 2005 programming models. One of the book's more important features is its in-depth coverage of new programming features for the RDBMS.

Topics include:

  • Using .NET Framework CLR assemblies to create SQL Server objects such as store procedures and triggers
  • Making the most of SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) to create, modify, delete, and manage databases, tables, and other SQL Server objects
  • Learning to build native web services

Programming SQL Server 2005 also covers topics such as SQL Server management Studio, T-SQL enhancements, user-defined functions, the xml datatype, SASS, SSIS, SSRS, notification services, service broker, RMO, SQL Server Agent, and SQL Server Mobile Edition.

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Programming SQL Server 2005
Bill Hamilton
ISBN: 0-596-00479-6, 571 pages, $49.99 US
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