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O'Reilly Media Announces Co-Publishing Agreement with Adobe SystemsAdobe Developer Library, O'Reilly-Branded Books Aimed at Growing Developer Market

September 12, 2006

Sebastopol, CA--O'Reilly Media Inc., today announced the Adobe Developer Library, a new publishing imprint in partnership with Adobe Systems, designed to meet the rising demand among developers for tools and resources to help create the next generation of rich internet applications. Adobe and O'Reilly have entered into an agreement to co- publish and co-brand books and online learning resources for developers creating applications with technologies such as Adobe Flex, ActionScript, and Adobe Flash and Flash Video.

The Adobe Developer Library is the official source for comprehensive learning solutions to help developers create expressive and interactive web applications that can reach virtually anyone on any platform. With top-notch books and innovative online resources covering the latest in rich internet application development, the Adobe Developer Library offers expert training and in-depth resources, straight from the source. The first Adobe Developer Library books are expected to be published in late 2006.

O'Reilly Media CEO and Founder Tim O'Reilly expressed his optimism that the agreement will spawn a raft of valuable resources for the two companies' shared constituency.

"Adobe's products and vision play a large role in the technology renaissance I've called Web 2.0, so I'm excited to be applying our resources to the partnership, from our network of authors and technical experts to our in-house organization of publishing, web-site development, and conferences. It's a big win for everyone, from Java and .Net developers to those already into Flash, Flex, Acrobat, and Adobe scripting technologies. We're getting very creative about how we can structure and deliver these learning resources. Our new publishing agreement with Adobe opens many doors for both companies."

"This partnership makes sense for Adobe, O'Reilly, and developers using Adobe tools and frameworks," said Tanya Wendling, Senior Director, Learning Resources, Adobe. "O'Reilly is a highly respected and trusted authority in the developer community, and Adobe is creating cutting-edge technologies for developers. Together, we can connect developers to the information they need most--whether it's in-depth books, vibrant online communities, or digital articles and samples."

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