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Industry Leaders to Unveil Groundbreaking Technologies at Web 2.0 Expo 2007

April 10, 2007

Leading Vendors to Make Product, Service Announcements and Unveil New Companies at Premier Event

SAN FRANCISCO -- CMP Technology and O?Reilly Media, producers of Web 2.0 Expo, today released a list of 28 of the vendors who will be making significant announcements at Web 2.0 Expo 2007. Web 2.0 Expo 2007 is in its first year and has already received overwhelming support from many of the industry leaders driving the future of the Web. The event will take place April 15-18, 2007 at Moscone West in San Francisco. Registration is now open at www.web2expo.com.

"Web 2.0 Expo provides exhibiting companies with an opportunity to showcase the most innovative web tools, technologies and services," said Jennifer Pahlka, Web 2.0 Expo Program Chair. "The breadth of products and services being unveiled at the Expo provides a fantastic opportunity for the community to come to one place to stay current on the industry?s latest innovations."

The list of Web 2.0 Expo exhibitors making news announcements or demonstrating their new products for the first time during the event is expected to grow as the event nears. It currently includes:

  • Curl: Curl?, Inc. will be announcing its re-launch into North America with the release of the newest version of the Curl Rich Internet Application platform.
  • Bungee Labs: Bungeelabs.com, debuting at Web 2.0 Expo, is a 100% on-demand application development environment enabling developers to efficiently create and instantly deliver rich web applications. Bungeelabs.com automates web service integration, AJAX control programming, state management and deployment.
  • DeployGuard.com: DeployGuard.com will be presenting its validation service in detail and demonstrating how this service will make Web 2.0 applications more secure, reliable, and compliant.
  • Denodo: Denodo Technologies, a pioneer of enterprise data mashups, expands North American operations and receives "Cool Vendor" status for its innovative approach to integrating structured and unstructured data.
  • Egnyte: Egnyte lets users archive, find, and organize their information and collaborate with team members on projects. Egnyte blends familiar concepts like files, folders and emails with new ways of managing information such as tags and search.
  • ETouch: eTouch Systems will be unveiling the latest release of its Web 2.0-based enterprise wiki solution that enables business users to create blogs, forums and mashups.
  • Etelos: At the Web 2.0 Expo, Etelos is announcing Etelos CRM for Google/Google Apps for Your Domain; Apps on a Plane, which enables Web Applications to function offline; and applications from our partners.
  • Fatdoor: Fatdoor is the community network that lets you find and connect with people, businesses, events, groups and changes in your neighborhood.
  • FinancialContent: Financial Content announces new AJAX financial widgets.
  • G.ho.st: G.ho.st, the Global Hosted Operating SysTem, showcases the world?s only OS for Web 2.0. G.ho.st aggregates Web apps with a single URL, single desktop, single file-system and single sign-in to deliver a complete Virtual Computer (VC) on the Web -- a complement or alternative to Windows which is available from any browser.
  • Grouptivity: Grouptivity offers Web publishers a version that extends their relationship with visitors. Providing content visibility while shared and discussed, Grouptivity offers a better user experience and more revenue opportunities than "email this page".
  • Intel: SuiteTwo, the Web 2.0 software suite powered by Intel, is now available for purchase exclusively through Tech Data. This integrated software bundle is comprised of Web 2.0 tools from best-of-breed software companies. www.suitetwo.com
  • JackBe: JackBe announces the official availability of 'Presto', a family of Enterprise Web 2.0 products that combine SOA and Ajax into Rich Enterprise Applications and Mashups while meeting the toughest enterprise-grade security and governance requirements.
  • Nexo: Nexo.com offers collaboration service for businesses and non-profits, combining easy website creation, group emailing, and social networking to improve organizational communication and effectiveness.
  • Nokia: Nokia will announce new technologies it has developed to unleash the full power of Internet content and Web 2.0 services on mobile devices.
  • oDesk: oDesk will announce a major milestone in the history of the online job marketplace.
  • Panther Express: Panther Express, the low cost, high-performing CDN enhances technology to accommodate large working set clients, such as social networking sites, to optimize content delivery speed without additional customer resource expenditures by your origin.
  • Piczo: Piczo, the popular online social network that provides a safe and creative environment for teen self-expression, is continuing its strong global expansion with exciting forthcoming international news.
  • Reply RSA: Reply speaks the new web 2.0 language -- Based on a network of highly focused companies, Reply [REY.MI] translates complex business and technology requirements into state-of-the-art, world-class solutions. Booth 2.2.2 -- www.reply.eu
  • SharedBook Inc.: SharedBook Inc. will follow their recent open API launch by introducing PeoplesAnnotated.com, a collaborative environment where users can annotate content and print the results.
  • socialDragon: Chivas USA and FlowMG join socialDragon's social media solution launch, revolutionizing business promotions and user engagements, bringing relevant ads and the globe to your fingertips.
  • TellMe: Tellme will announce new mobile search products that let you say what you want and get answers by voice, text or the visual interface on your cell phone. Visit www.tellme.com
  • Unisfair: Unisfair is launching Virtual Events for Enterprise, the industry's first marketing solution providing live, highly interactive conferences, trade shows and seminars online.
  • Venyo: Got your Vindex?? Discover the new way to tell the world how good, how nice, how reliable you are! Venyo, the web 2.0 trust provider, will demonstrate for the first time ever its unique reputation management tool at Web 2.0 Expo.
  • Viddler: The next-generation of the most innovative video platform launches with viewer generated popup video? Viddler 2.0 -- start sharing.
  • Vidoop: Goodbye passwords. Hello Vidoop! Launch Pad featured company, Vidoop, presents a new login technology that eliminates passwords and is effective against prevalent forms of hacking. Visit Vidoop.com.
  • Webware: Webware is a blog from CNET.com about Web 2.0 applications for consumers and small businesses. Every day, Webware editors, joined by experts from CNET, evaluate the newest and most important online applications. At Web 2.0 Expo, Webware will announce a new community engagement feature.
  • ZCubes: ZCubes announces CUBEE- The next generation in rich content email and messaging. Witness the BUZZZZ!

Web 2.0 Expo is the first broad-based conference and tradeshow for the rapidly growing ranks of designers, developers, product managers, entrepreneurs, VCs, marketers and business strategists who are embracing the opportunities created by Web 2.0. For more information on these companies, visit http://www.web2expo.com/pub/w/53/sponsors.html.

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