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Program Unveiled and Registration Opens for the 2007 O'Reilly Open Source Convention

April 24, 2007

Sebastopol, CA -- Registration is now open for OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. This year's program will examine how open technologies are making breakthroughs in the mainstream IT community, and delve into the advances on the open source horizon. Now in its ninth year, OSCON is the annual gathering of developers, hackers, visionaries, and alpha geeks who are driving the open source movement. OSCON returns to the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon July 23-27, 2007.

OSCON will feature more than 400 sessions and tutorials in fifteen tracks that will cover Administration, Business Databases, Java, Linux, People, Perl, PHP, Programming, Python, Ruby, Security, and Web Applications. Also happening concurrently will be the O'Reilly Radar Executive Briefing, a full-day discussion and debate that will give attendees the opportunity to take part in the conversation between Tim O'Reilly and the innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are fostering the evolution of computing via open source technologies.

For more information and to register for OSCON and the O'Reilly Radar Executive Briefing, visit: http://conferences.oreillynet.com/pub/w/58/register.html

Speakers, tutorials, and sessions at OSCON this year include:

  • Kirill Grouchnikov, Amdocs, "Advanced Effects in Desktop Java Applications"
  • Rasmus Lerdorf, Yahoo!, "PHP - Bigger and Faster"
  • Lamont Peterson, NeverBlock, "High Availability Xen"
  • Simon Willison, "OpenID Bootcamp"
  • Rachael Madsen, "Exploiting Multi-Core Capabilies From Python"
  • Guido van Rossum, Creator of Python, "Python 3000"
  • Theo Schlossnagle, "OmniTI Advanced Production Troubleshooting"
  • Chris DiBona, Google, "A year of Open Source at Google"
  • Simon Peyton Jones, "Microsoft A Taste of Haskell"
  • Michael Koziarski, "Generating Gorgeous Word Documents, PDFs and Excel Spreadsheets"
  • Jesse Vincent, Best Practical, "Building Domain Specific Languages in Perl"
  • Ben Krug, Adapt Technologies, "DBA Tales from the Front: from Oracle to MySQL"
  • Dawn Foster and Danese Cooper, Intel, "Art of Community"

OSCON 2007 will feature an expo hall where companies offering open source products and services will display their latest innovations to the more than 2,500 attendees that are expected at the convention. Sponsors and exhibitors so far include: Autodesk, Novell, Google, Intel, New York Times, Sun, Microsoft, Optaros, IBM, and Ingres. Networking opportunities at OSCON will be plentiful for the entire open source community, particularly during evening events such as the Open Source Alliance SSO Hack-a-Thon, "Meet-n-Geek," and the Google O'Reilly Open Source Awards.

Additional Resources:

For complete conference details, visit: http://conferences.oreillynet.com/os2007/

To find out more about the O'Reilly Radar Executive Briefing, visit: http://conferences.oreillynet.com/pub/w/58/radar.html

To apply for media credentials, visit: http://conferences.oreillynet.com/pub/w/58/press.html

Sign up for the OSCON newsletter for updates on speakers, sessions and events (login required): http://www.oreillynet.com/cs/nl/home#conferences

For news articles, blogs, announcements, and photos (available for use with attribution) from OSCON 2006, see: http://www.oreillynet.com/conferences/blog/oscon

For information on exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at O'Reilly conferences, contact Derek Chase at chase@oreilly.com

To become a media or community partner, email mediapartners@oreilly.com

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