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News Release: The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference Expands Its Scope

August 14, 2007

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Call for participation is now open!

Sebastopol, CA, August 14, 2007 ? The next O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, taking place March 3-6 in San Diego, California, takes a wide-eyed look at the technology that's just arriving and casts a cynical one at some that have been "emerging" for too long. From robotics, health care, and space travel to gaming, finance, and art, ETech will explore promising technologies that are just that--still promises--and renew our sense of wonder at the way technology is influencing and altering our everyday lives.

Program Chair Brady Forrest is formulating an even more comprehensive program for 2008: "We are going to be expanding the scope of ETech," notes Forrest, " looking beyond the Web to manufacturing, biotech, large-scale systems, sensor networks, alternate reality games, visualizations, robotics, policy, human enhancement and clean tech."

O'Reilly Media expects an audience of more than 1200, eager to see who and what will change the future. Among them will be: technologists, CxOs and IT managers, hackers, product developers, researchers and academics, thought leaders, business managers and strategists, artists and fringe technologists, entrepreneurs, and business developers and venture capitalists.

Brady Forrest, has drafted the following ideas to help guide submissions for potential speakers and presenters as well as attendees:

**Energy: What we can do in our own homes and what amazing things are architects and others are doing to advance the cause of energy conservation and generation?

**Human Enhancement & Body Hacking: What are hackers, the military, and private industry are doing to extend the abilities of our minds and bodies?

**Steal From the Seedy: What can we learn about tomorrow's tech from porn, the military, botnets, spammers, and/or even from Al Qaeda?

**Visualizations: What are the new techniques for visualizations needed for viewing the body or a map of the Internet to modeling cities and crowds--and beyond?

**Abundant and Ubiquitous Computing: Our lives are starting to assume access to large-scale computing systems. What else will be created with abundant computing?

**From Virtual To Physical: Generating physical prototypes is an iterative process. What are the pitfalls?

**From Physical to Virtual: Sensor networks and RFIDs enable us to interact with the real world virtually. What are other doors opening into virtual worlds?

**Learning From Games: What industries use games? Where are they most useful?

**The Emerging World: Resource constraints and cultural differences can foster innovation. What are examples of doing more with less?

**Policy: New technologies are often being hampered by bad political decisions, who's fighting back and how?

**Useful Research: Materials science, HCI, synthetic biology, and psychological ideas will let us design better software and hardware products in the future. Which are viable?

**Emerging Arts Fest Projects: Throughout history, technology has been pushed by art. At ETech 2008, we'll have a hands-on show to explore the latest interactive art.

The conference team is looking for researchers, hackers, product developers, scientists, artists, activists, and alpha geeks with a burning desire to share their findings, demonstrate their products, and change the way we think about the future. As long as it involves the convergence of technology and the future, it's fair game! The call for papers will be open until September 17; ideas should be submitted to:

ETech Ideas

Early registration for ETech will open November 2007. Press registration will be open on that date. ETech is co-located with the Emerging Telephony (ETel) conference (O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference, March 3-4, 2008 San Diego, CA).

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ETech 2008

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If you have ideas about areas you'd like to see included at the conference, send a note to: etech-idea@oreilly.com

For information about exhibiting or sponsoring ETech 2008, contact Yvonne Romaine at (707) 827-7198 or yromaine@oreilly.com

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