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RailsConf Europe Gathers Rails Enthusiasts from 43+ Countries

September 25, 2007

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RailsConf Europe Gathers Rails Enthusiasts from 43+ Countries

The 2007 Program Included Visionaries and Detailed Rails Discussion

Sebastopol, CA, September 25, 2007--RailsConf Europe, which took place 17-19 September, was a global melting pot for Rails developers, industry luminaries, Ruby hackers, web-based entrepreneurs, and IT managers. The conference brought attendees from as far away as Peru, Iceland, and South Africa, giving further evidence that Ruby on Rails is truly a global movement. Held over three days at the Maritim Pro Arte Hotel in Berlin, the conference was co-presented by Ruby Central, Inc. and O'Reilly Media, Inc.

The Ruby on Rails development framework, only three years old, has gone from cult favorite to major player in the web development world. By every measure--feature richness, adoption, publications, developer reception--Rails is a phenomenon, and one that's here to stay. Conference chair David Black said, "The conference had the cohesive, shared-experience feel of a much smaller event, a quality that Ruby Central always aims for in its programs. O'Reilly's on-site production mastery allowed that intimate feel to scale up. The result was three very collegial, very exciting days of Rails content."

The first day of the conference began with tutorials, including a for-charity tutorial led by Chad Fowler and Marcel Molina. Completing day one was a wonderful keynote from Dave Thomas of the Pragmatic Programmers. The presentation focused on drawing correlations between art and engineering and proposed the notion that the two are intertwined, or as Thomas put it, "Without engineering there is no art, and without art there is no engineering." The presentation seemed to resonate with conference attendees and garnered thunderous applause.

The second day of the conference featured sessions ranging from "Deployment and Continuous Integration from the Trenches" to "The Forgotten Child: Powerful CSS with Rails." The second day offered keynote addresses from David Heinemeier Hansson and Dr. Roy T. Fielding, both forward thinking industry leaders. These engaging presentations will be available in the coming weeks on the RailsConf Europe website.

Networking opportunities were plentiful during RailsConf Berlin, particularly during evening events such as the Birds of a Feather (BoFs) sessions, during conference breaks, and while mingling in the exhibit hall. In addition, the Berlin Ruby User Group hosted over 500 conference attendees for a Bratwurst on Rails dinner event on the first night of the conference.

The exhibition hall was filled with industry leaders, all discussing Rails strategies and solutions. Included were Diamond level sponsors ELC Technologies, Sun Microsystems, and ThoughtWorks. Also sponsoring RailsConf were CodeGear, EngineYard, GotThingsDone.Com, IBM, UnBoxed Consulting, and Webpulser.

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