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MySQL Conference & Expo 'Call for Participation' Opens

September 26, 2007

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MySQL Conference & Expo 'Call for Participation' Opens

Open Source Database Enthusiasts to Convene April 15-18, 2008 in Santa Clara, California

Sebastopol, CA, September 26, 2007-- The sixth annual MySQL Conference & Expo, co-presented by MySQL AB and O'Reilly Media, will take place April 15-18, 2008 in Santa Clara, California. The event is expected to bring over 1,500 open source and database users together to harness the power of MySQL and celebrate the large and active MySQL ecosystem. The call for participation is now open for prospective speakers -- submissions will be accepted until October 30, 2007.

The premier event for MySQL developers and users worldwide, the conference reflects the database's wide-ranging appeal, capabilities, and commitment to open source technology. The conference consists of four days of interactive learning that includes: in-depth tutorials, networking events, keynotes, exhibition hall, and conference sessions. The MySQL Conference & Expo is designed to attract database developers, DBAs, IT managers, MySQL vendor partners, entrepreneurs, academics, community participants, and MySQL employees.

Attendees will gain and expand the knowledge they need to rapidly build modern scalable database applications with MySQL . The 100+ sessions will be geared toward many skill levels (novice to expert) to facilitate attendees? user experience.

Jay Pipes, MySQL AB's North American Community Relations Manager and event Chair, is working with a dynamic program committee to guide this year's event. He is anticipating a top notch gathering of MySQL experts:

"This year, we'll push the conference program even further, to include newer areas of MySQL usage -- including large-scale data-warehousing solutions, modern Web scale-out infrastructure, and performance tuning techniques for medium to large organizations. We'll also focus on MySQL integration with state-of-the-art web application development frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django, Dojo, and Cake. The 2008 MySQL Conference & Expo continues to be the single most important annual event for MySQL users."

Some of the topic areas to be addressed at this year's event will be:

-Learn how to optimize the performance of MySQL applications

-Get detailed insight into new features of MySQL and MySQL Enterprise Monitor

-High availability solutions, such as MySQL Replication, MySQL Cluster, and DRBD/Heartbeat

-Advanced programming techniques using Java, .NET, Eclipse, and RoR

-Enterprise database administration and security

-Advanced business intelligence (BI) technology and tools

-Pluggable storage engine development and optimization

-Case studies on database scale-out implementations

-Web 2.0 and emerging web technologies

Attendees can also expect a world-class exhibition hall featuring dozens of the latest tools and products from third-party vendors. Past participants have included companies such as Dell, HP, Red Hat, Solid, Zmanda, JasperSoft, Actuate, BakBone, CodeGear, Continuent, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, Google, and Infobright.

Registration for the 2008 MySQL Conference & Expo is scheduled to begin in December 2007. Media registration will begin at that time as well.

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If you have ideas about things you'd like to see added at the conference, send a note to: mysql-idea@oreilly.com

For information about exhibiting or sponsoring the MySQL Conference & Expo, contact Sharon Cordesse at (707) 827-7065 or scordesse@oreilly.com

For information on media & promotional partnerships at MySQL Conference & Expo, contact Avila Reese at (707) 827-7116 or mediapartners@oreilly.com

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