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Program Unveiled for MySQL Conference & Expo 2008

December 17, 2007

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Program Unveiled for MySQL Conference & Expo 2008

Registration is Now Open!

Sebastopol, CA -- December 17, 2007--Registration is now open for the sixth annual MySQL Conference & Expo. Co-presented by MySQL AB and O'Reilly Media, the conference will take place April 14-17, 2008, in Santa Clara, California. The event is expected to bring together over 1,600 open source and database users from some of the most exciting and fastest-growing companies in the world, as well as from the large and active MySQL Community. The program for 2008 will include keynote presentations by Jacek Becla of Stanford Linear Accelerator and MySQL CEO Marten Mickos.

The four full days of keynotes, sessions, tutorials, expo hall, and networking social events will allow participants to both learn and share MySQL database knowledge in a relaxed but enthusiastic atmosphere. Attendees will gain powerful knowledge, tips, and tricks that not only allow their skills to grow, but also their organizations.

Marten Mickos, MySQL AB's CEO, is anticipating a great program for this year's show:

"The MySQL Conference brings together the creators of some of the most massively scaling modern online applications and services. This is an annual highlight for managers and database architects from large corporations, telecom equipment vendors, and Web2.0 startups who wish to harness the power of MySQL," he said.

The response to the conference?s call for participation was fantastic this year -- with nearly 300 speaker proposals submitted. The 100+ conference sessions and tutorials will be geared toward many skill levels -- from novice to expert -- as well as company size -- from small to large. They will educate attendees on how to rapidly build scalable online database applications with MySQL. The schedule is still shaping up, but sessions and tutorials will include:

-"Real World Web Scalability - MySQL Edition" -- Bjorn Hansen

-"MySQL Workbench - The Ultimate Guide To DBA Productivity: Writing Plugins and Scripts" -- Vladimir Kolesnikov and Mike Zinner

-MySQL in SaaS and OnDemand Environments

-"All Bases Covered: A Hands-on Introduction to High-availability MySQL and DRBD" -- Florian Haas and Philip Reisner

-"Building Scalable & High Performance Datamarts with MySQL" -- Tangirala Sarma

-"The Top 20 Tips in Database Design All Architects Need to Know" -- Ronald Bradford

-MySQL Enterprise Monitor Tutorial and Session

-"Getting started with MySQL Proxy" -- Giuseppe Maxia and Jan Kneschke

-"MySQL Proxy, the Friendly Man in the Middle" -- Jan Kneschke

-"MySQL Proxy Wizardry" -- Giuseppe Maxia

-"Memcached and MySQL: From Soup to Nuts" -- Brian Aker and Alan Kasindorf

-"Advanced Stored Procedures" -- Mariella DiGiacomo

-"MySQL Benchmarking and Monitoring" -- Tom Hanlon

-"MySQL Solutions for Managed Hosting/Service Providers

-"MySQL Cluster Tutorial" -- Stewart Smith

- "MySQL Cluster with Replication for Financial Transactions" -- Cicero Torteli

-"SQL Antipatterns" -- Bill Karwin

-"Writing MySQL UDFs" -- Roland Bouman

-"Real-world case study presentations from Web 2.0, Telecom and Enterprise 2.0 users

-"The Lost Art of the Self Join" -- Beat Vontobel

-"EXPLAIN Demystified" -- Baron Schwartz

-"Full Text Search with MySQL 5.1: New Features & How To" -- Alexander Rubin

-"Big Bird (Scaling Twitter)" -- Blaine Cook

In addition to tutorials, keynotes, and sessions, attendees at the MySQL Conference & Expo will find ample networking events to expand their career opportunities while having a great time:

-MySQL Developer and DBA Certification

-A DotOrg Pavilion within the Expo Hall, showcasing community projects at the forefront of MySQL innovation

-Birds of a Feather sessions

-Quiz Show

-Face-to-Face time with the MySQL engineering and executive teams

Attendees can also expect a world-class expo hall featuring dozens of the latest tools and products from conference sponsors and exhibitors: C2Appliance, XAware, Jaspersoft, DataDirect Technologies, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, OpSource, Microsoft, Pentaho, R1Soft, Infobright, Sun Microsystems, Entrance, Mindtouch, Mojo Portal, phpMyAdmin, Talend, PHPWomen and Symfony Project.

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2007 Conference Video

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