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Introducing InsideRIA.com--New from O'Reilly Media: Bringing the RIA Community Together

February 1, 2008

Rich Internet applications (RIAs) are shaping the Web today. Love them or hate them, if you're working on the Web, you'll want to understand them. And a new online website announced this week, InsideRIA.com, is the premiere community site for all things RIA, created specifically for web developers, architects, programmers, designers, or anyone else who makes the Web their business.

"Our goal is to create an invaluable resource for information on the ever-changing state of design and development of rich Internet applications (RIAs).” explained Steve Weiss, executive editor at O'Reilly Media. "We've started with general topic areas on Design, Development, and Standards, which will feature blog posts and multimedia content."

InsideRIA.com was developed by O’Reilly and sponsored by Adobe Systems.

The new online community brings some of the leading members of the RIA community together. Visitors are encouraged to engage with them in an ongoing narrative about where RIA technology is headed.

Featured blogs by RIA experts include:

  • Andre Charland, InsideRIA's lead blogger; co-founder and CEO at Nitobi Inc., covers all aspects of RIA design and development
  • Rich Tretola, Inside RIA's community manager; expert on Adobe® AIR™ and Adobe® Flex®
  • Tony MacDonnell, founder of Teknision Inc, a company that specializes in developing RIAs and Rich Media experiences
  • Jonathan Snook, co-author of "Accelerated DOM Scripting" and "The Art and Science of CSS"
  • Andy Trice, who specializes in data visualization, client-server architectures, Object-Oriented principles, and rich application development
  • Gabor Vida, president of Canadian RIA development firm Teknision
  • Ray Camden, long-time ColdFusion expert; co-authored numerous ColdFusion books including the "ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit," and has contributed to the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update and the ColdFusion Developers Journal
  • Dave Tucker, a web and application developer at Georgia Tech

More blogging voices and content categories will be added monthly, including cross-platform topics.

Weiss adds that InsideRIA hosts much more than opinions-based blogging, focusing as well on being the first-stop resource for developers to stay on top of news, events, opinions, and learning. Plans call for a minimum of two new feature articles each month, plus series-based tutorials, screencasts, podcasts, and video. The first feature article is by ActionScript maven and the author of Essential ActionScript 3.0 (O'Reilly, $54.99) Colin Moock; a 20-part series on Enterprise Flex development, by Effective UI’s Tony Hillerson is also underway.

So where's this all headed? "Help us find out," added Steve Weiss. "Join us and tell your colleagues. We can't wait to see you online."

For more information, see: http://insideRIA.com

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