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ScreenOS Cookbook--New from O'Reilly: Time-Saving Techniques for ScreenOS Administrators

March 11, 2008

The controlling element of Juniper Network's firewall/IP Security (IPSec) virtual private network (VPN) devices is the ScreenOS operating system--a real-time, security-specific OS that provides everything you need to set up and manage these devices. ScreenOS contains a robust set of security and management applications and the supporting technical documentation is extensive and thorough: a distinct advantage for those who have the time to read it.

In the real world, however, those who need to manage, operate, and configure the secure networks that run ScreenOS frequently find themselves needing answers on the spot, without the luxury of browsing the documentation. For these people, key members of Juniper Network's ScreenOS development team have written the ScreenOS Cookbook (Brunner, Davar, Delcourt, et al; O'Reilly, US $54.99). Scores of recipes address a wide range of security issues, provide step-by-step solutions, and include discussions of why the recipes work, so readers can easily set up and keep ScreenOS systems on track.

"Having supported ScreenOS for a long time, I saw on a daily basis the kinds of questions the SE's and customers had about the firewalls," says Ken Draper, one of the authors of the book. "A collection of real-world examples with detailed explanations was really needed as a reference guide with these answers readily available."

His coauthor David Delcourt agrees, adding, "As a Professional Services Consultant focused on Jupiter's security products and solutions, and now manager of that team, I visit many customers whose design and operational teams just don't have the time to pour through thousands of pages of technical documentation to find solutions to problems. This book provides an opportunity to address many of these in a format that allows the reader to apply what they learn in real time."

ScreenOS Cookbook supplies fixes, techniques, and configurations that save time -- not hypothetical situations out of a textbook. The book comes directly from the experience of engineers who have seen and fixed every conceivable ScreenOS network topology, from small branch office firewalls to appliances for large core enterprise and government, to the heavy duty protocol driven service provider network. Its easy-to-follow format lets readers zero in on the topics and specific recipes they need right away and match it to theirs network and security issues.

Along with the usage and troubleshooting recipes, the book also includes plenty of tricks, special considerations, ramifications, and general discussions of interesting tangents and network extrapolation. For the accurate, hard-nosed information users require to get a ScreenOS firewall network secure and operating smoothly, no book matches ScreenOS Cookbook.

"Excellent book! I have been looking for a resource like this for years and recommend this book to anyone responsible for implementing or supporting Juniper ScreenOS-based systems."
--Eric Walters, Manager of Network Services, 7-Eleven, Inc.

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Stefan Brunner is a grade-9 professional services engineer with Juniper Networks, serving as the lead engineer for architecture and deployment of its security products to key customers throughout the world.

Vik Davar is a systems engineering manager at Juniper Networks where he leads a team of technology experts that work in the areas of IP security, routing, and application acceleration.

David Delcourt has over 13 years of industry experience in network design, implementation, and administration. He works as a manager with Juniper's Professional Services North America Security.

Ken Draper is a network engineer for over 15 years of experience. He was one of the initial engineers that developed the original versions of ScreenOS.

Joe Kelly is a senior systems engineer with Juniper Networks, specializing in designing highly scalable security architectures for the financial networking marketplace.

Sunil Wadhwa has been in the data networking industry for more than 13 years, focusing on systems, network routing, and security in enterprise and service provider organizations. He currently leads the Advance Technical Support team for Juniper Networks, supporting enhanced services products.

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ScreenOS Cookbook
Stefan Brunner, Vik Davar, David Delcourt, Ken Draper, Joe Kelly, Sunil Wadhwa
ISBN: 9780596510039, 838 pages, $54.99 USD, £34.50 GBP

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