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Make Magazine's Maker Faire Wins Folio Fame Award--O'Reilly Media Alert: "Best Series of Events"

March 25, 2008

Make Magazine’s Maker Faire won the gold for "Best Series Of Events" as the third-annual Folio Fame awards were given out today at the Magazine Event Strategies Conference in New York City. Winning the award, Make overcame stiff competition from Smithsonian and Southern Living. The Fame awards recognize the magazines that have created the industry’s most innovative, revenue-generating and brand-building events.

Held in San Mateo, CA and Austin, TX, Maker Faire is a two-day event celebrating DIY (DO It Yourself) creativity and learning. From a giant electronic giraffe to rocket launching, welding, bikes made of driftwood, Power Tool Drag Races, a giant clothing swap, food-making classes, and even a nighttime fire show—Maker Faire has something for everyone.

"The Bay Area Maker Faire doubled in size after just one year—attracting a remarkable 45,000 attendees, while the Austin Maker Faire, in only its first year, drew 20,000 attendees. Most impressively, Maker Faire continues to attract people from outside the magazine’s readership base," explained Linda Zebian, Associate Editor, Folio:, Magazine Event Strategies.

In 2008, Maker Faire returns again to San Mateo (May 3 & 4) and Austin (October 18 & 19). "Maker Faire is about inspiring people to share their ideas, to think of new ones, to see the world and our surroundings in a different way—and more than anything, to have fun in the process! And to that end, we couldn’t have been more successful," said Dale Dougherty, publisher & editor of Make Magazine.

For more information on the FOLIO FAME award or this year’s Maker Faire events, please contact Mark Ballard at: 212-255-8455 x225 or mark@rosengrouppr.com.

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