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Global Web 2.0 Innovator Launches O'Reilly InPractice--O'Reilly Media Alert

April 22, 2008

O'Reilly InPractice to Extend Web 2.0 Principles Across a Broad Spectrum of Business, Entertainment, and Media Channels

O'Reilly InPractice At the Web 2.0 Expo today, O'Reilly Media, the most recognizable Web 2.0 business in the world, announced the launch of O'Reilly InPractice. This new consulting and training division aims to help companies intelligently and successfully reposition themselves in the global network—and thrive in a user-centered economy.

"We created O'Reilly InPractice to assist companies that are serious about applying Web 2.0 principles but don't know how or where to start," said Tim O'Reilly, founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media. "The experts at O'Reilly InPractice draw on the wealth of our experience to create a practical path for companies to make the transition to Web 2.0 and the Social Web."

Led by a top media and communications authority—George LeBrun, Chief Strategy Officer/General Manager of O'Reilly InPractice—the new consulting division is already working with companies to help them deliver positive experiences for their customers by applying transformative Web 2.0 tactics. LeBrun, in addition to his 20-year stint as a Hollywood writer, director, and producer, has spent most of his career identifying emerging trends and technology.

"O'Reilly is home to the development and deployment of the technological practices that are creating new business models and enriching the lives of folks around the globe,” said LeBrun. "O'Reilly's expertise and leadership will provide invaluable guidance as we extend our knowledge and strategies into more business, entertainment, and media environments."

Joshua Ross joins LeBrun at O’Reilly InPractice as vice president. A longtime digital business strategist, Ross has overseen the launch of dozens of flourishing enterprise-class e-commerce sites, exchange platforms, and community sites.

"We are targeting both senior executives struggling to understand the changes that have taken place over the past 5 years as well as employees who are charged with either innovating or implementing strategies on the web," Ross explained. "Using our proven techniques, we can quickly move an entire organization a few degrees into the future—and into a much more competitive position."

O'Reilly InPractice:

  • Works with companies to assess where they currently are in regard to the Social Web and Web 2.0 methods and strategies
  • Offers a variety of curricula to educate businesses on the building blocks of social media, Web 2.0 principles, customer-led innovation, and the cultural changes necessary for a company to become digitally fluent
  • Gives access to the leading authors and experts covering the Social Web for executive briefings, keynotes, and training
  • Provides the knowledge for companies to understand that their customers are now defining their brand and how to embrace and leverage an unstoppable social phenomenon to their advantage

For more information about O'Reilly InPractice contact George LeBrun at george.lebrun@oreilly.com or visit inpractice.oreilly.com.

About O'Reilly InPractice
O'Reilly InPractice offers consulting and training services to companies actively interested in incorporating Web 2.0 practices into their businesses. From hands-on training with new technologies to high-level strategic consulting, O'Reilly InPractice helps set companies on a path to success in today's competitive, often unpredictable business environment.

As a division of O'Reilly Media, O'Reilly InPractice is steeped in the extraordinary business intelligence and vision long associated with the company. From the earliest days of the Web, O'Reilly Media has served as the premier source of information as well as a prescient catalyst for leading-edge development.

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