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Ubuntu Live 2008 Takes Ubuntu Further: Registration Opens and Program Announced

April 18, 2008

Sebastopol, CA?Registration has opened for the Ubuntu Live 2008 conference, scheduled for July 21 and 22, 2008, at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. Canonical Ltd. and O?Reilly Media copresent this conference, which builds upon the success of the inaugural Ubuntu Live last year and happens concurrently with the O?Reilly Open Source Convention 2008 at the same venue.

Award-winning Ubuntu is a complete, Debian-based Linux operating system, developed and supported by a large community committed to the principles and spirit of open source and free software. Ubuntu Live is designed to be the official and trusted event for this community. The conference welcomes all the different segments within the Ubuntu ecosystem?experts, long-time users, established companies, and newcomers?in a passionate, energizing environment.

Conference chair Jane Silber has organized the two-day conference into five tracks:

  • Ubuntu in Action: Find Ubuntu in the community and in some unexpected places
  • Ubuntu Means Business: How Ubuntu works for, and in, business settings
  • The Tech View: Cool technology inside and on top of Ubuntu
  • Public Sector: Learn how Ubuntu is changing the world, or at least the public sector and NGOs
  • Management Systems: Tips and tools to deploy and manage Ubuntu systems

Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine and Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu/Canonical, Ltd. have joined the list of featured speakers. Other sessions include:

  • "The Ubuntu Community" by Jono Bacon of Canonical, Ltd.
  • "Teenbuntu: Reaching Out to Teens" by Andrew Harris and Samuel Baldwin of Teens on Linux.org
  • "When 'Release Early and Often' Hurts: The Challenge of Backports" by Bradley Kuhn of Software Freedom Law Center/Software Freedom Conservancy
  • "Checkout Ubuntu" by Martin Pool and Kiko Reis of Canonical, Ltd.
  • "How Virtualization Is Lowering the Risk of Businesses Adopting Open Source Solutions" by Walter Ferreira of Extrico.net, LLC
  • "System-Wide Power-Saving on Ubuntu" by Matthew Garrett of Contractor
  • "Exhibiting Software" by Hunter Cross of Ponticlaro, Inc.
  • "LTS Tutorials: Using Ubuntu in the Enterprise" by Christer Edwards of Guru Labs
  • "The Ubuntu PostgreSQL Package" by Robert Treat of OmniTI
  • "Ubuntu on the Go: Subnotebook and MID Technologies" by Jon Malamut of Canonical, Ltd.
  • "SELinux: Solving Your Security Problems" by Chad Sellers of Tresys Technology
  • "Ubuntu Experience in E-Learning" by Ernesto Ramiro of UGT
  • "The Secret Sauce: Launchpad" by Kiko Reis, Joey Stanford, and Brad Crittenden of Canonical, Ltd.
  • "One Server To Rule Them All" by Marko Jung of Marko Jung Consulting
  • "Ubuntu Desktop Implementation on Health and Social Assistance Ministry of El Salvador Occidental Zone" by Julio Rivera of Don Bosco University
  • "Ubuntu Deployment for Your Enterprise" by Fredrik Jonsson of ASCI Sweden AB
  • "Groovix: Public Access Computing with Ubuntu" by Michael Pardee of Open Sense Solutions, LLC
  • "Know It's Broke Before Your Customers Do: Practical Use of Open Source" by David Thomas of Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court

Evening events include Birds of a Feather sessions and a reception, offering attendees many networking opportunities.

In praise of the initial Ubuntu Live conference, Robert Kaye wrote, "Ubuntu has clearly taken the Linux world by storm and having a conference dedicated to Ubuntu sounds like a great idea. O?Reilly enjoys a long history of bringing together developers from all corners of the globe and this new conference promises do that for Ubuntu."

Sponsoring companies include Intel and Sun Microsystems.

Last year?s Ubuntu Live brought together representatives from companies and organizations like: Adobe Systems, Alfresco, Amazon.com, Cisco Systems, Inc., Computerworld, Dell, Inc., Dept.of Veterans Affairs, EMC, Fidelity Investments, Free Software Foundation, Go Daddy, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi America Ltd., IBM Corporation, IEEE, Intel, Kaiser Permanente, Linspire, Linux Foundation, Linux Today, LinuxQuestions.org, Motorola, Mozilla Foundation, MySpace.com, MySQL AB, National Center for High-Performance Computing, NComputing, Novell, OpenSourcery, LLC., Oregon State University Open Source Lab, Pearson/Prentice Hall, Phoronix, Planet Argon, Rails Machine, LLC, StanfordUniversity, StockCharts.com, Inc., Sun Microsystems, The 451 Group, University of California, Davis, University of Washington, UPS, Vanderbilt University, Verizon Business, Wired, Xerox Office Group, Yahoo!, Zend Technologies, Inc., and Zimbra.

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Canonical, Ltd. is an organization that is successfully establishing a commercial foundation for a free platform. Ubuntu, which means "humanity to others" or "I am what I am because of who we all are," emphasizes the interconnectedness of the work of many project contributors from around the world and accessibility for all users regardless of language or abilities.

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