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3ds Max 9 Accelerated--New from O'Reilly: A Hands-on and Proven Learn-by-doing Approach to 3ds Max

April 29, 2008

3ds Max 9 Accelerated Sebastopol, CA—The editors at YoungJin.com have just authored and released their latest entry in their successful Accelerated series – 3ds Max 9 Accelerated ($29.99 USD). Like other titles in this best-selling graphics series, 3ds Max 9 Accelerated gets both new and experienced users up to speed quickly with its hands-on and proven learn-by-doing approach.

Readers begin with a clear-cut introduction to essential concepts, functions and terminology, then are able to put their new found skills to test by following the step-by-step practical, hands-on exercises.

Presented in full-color with crisp screenshots and stunning graphics on every page, readers are given a clear image of what’s possible with 3ds Max. Dozens of real-world examples, from straightforward to advanced, demonstrate how to integrate techniques and pull these new found skills together. In the end, users will know how to create brilliant 3D objects and bring them to life by adding texture, lighting and special effects.

Projects in the book will teach readers how to:

  • Use the basic tools of 3ds Max 9
  • Create and refine basic objects using the Modifier
  • Manage selected and copied objects
  • Model objects through various modeling techniques
  • Install and use the lighting and camera features
  • Create and apply texture to make an object more realistic
  • Use particles to express rain, snow, water droplets, dust and whirlwinds
  • Create an animation that projects weight and gravity by using reactor

The book also includes a CD ROM that contains all the source files needed to practice and complete the exercises presented in the book.

Though there are many other high-end 3D graphics programs available, 3ds Max remains the world’s most popular tool for game designers and 3D designers due to its lower cost and relative ease of use. YoungJin’s Korea based author and editorial team are well versed in 3D animation skills as South Korea has been for years a global focal point for cutting-edge design.

With over 330 beautifully designed, full-color pages this newest offering represents a great value at only $29.99.

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James Yeon is a 3D designer and author who has been writing 3D related titles since 1999 and writing on 3ds Max dating back to version 3. His works include Rhino 3D Workshop, 3D Studio Max References Guide, 3ds Max Master Class, and 3ds Max: Modeling, Rendering and Animating, amongst many others.

Mr Yeon now resides in South Korea.

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For more information about the book, see: http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/8931433719

3ds Max 9 Accelerated
Publisher: YoungJin
James Yeon
ISBN: 9788931433715, 320 pages, $29.99 USD, £17.99 GBP

About YoungJin
YoungJin.com has been publishing since 1987 and is one of South Korea’s leading publishers on technology and computer graphics and design. They began publishing for the English language markets in 2003. Beyond their Accelerated series, other best-selling titles have included 40 Digital Photography Techniques and Maya Character Animation. YoungJin’s English language IT books are distributed by O’Reilly.

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