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David Pogue's iPhone: The Missing Manual Ebook--New from O'Reilly: The Ebook Is Here! Everything You Want to Know about the iPhone 3G

July 24, 2008

iPhone: The Missing Manual Sebastopol, CA—"The new iPhone 3G has a nicer shape, GPS, and of course 3G speeds in the big cities," says a blissed-out David Pogue. “But it’s the iPhone 2.0 software and the App Store that really change the game.” A year ago, Pogue, the New York Times technology columnist and bestselling author, helped usher in the iPhone Age with his entertaining, definitive, bestselling guide, iPhone: The Missing Manual.

Now Pogue is back with a bigger, better, up-to-the-nanosecond second edition--a witty, complete guide to both the iPhone 3G and the original iPhones with the iPhone 2.0 software. iPhone: The Missing Manual, Second Edition (O'Reilly) is the first and best book about every Apple improvement to its own second edition--the iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.0. Over 100 new features are demystified, troubleshot, and evaluated: GPS position tracking, MobileMe syncing, Microsoft Exchange server syncing, make-your-own ringtones, geotagging photos, and much more.

The print version of iPhone: The Missing Manual, Second Edition can be purchased on or around Aug. 15. But for those who don't want to wait for the book (or prefer a virtual one), an electronic downloadable version of the book is also available, in three different formats. The PDF (available now) and EPUB versions can be read on the iPhone; the Mobipocket version can be uploaded onto the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. Best of all: those who pre-order the print book/electronic bundle (which includes all three e-book formats—PDF, EPUB, and Kindle-compatible Mobipocket) instantly save 70% on the book.

Each stunning, full-color, custom-designed page of iPhone: The Missing Manual helps you accomplish specific tasks with complete step-by-step instructions for everything from scheduling to web browsing to watching videos. You'll learn how to:

  • Use the iPhone as a phone--get a guided tour of the iPhone’s calling features; learn how much time you can save with things like Visual Voicemail, contact searching, and more
  • Treat the iPhone as an iPod--listen to music, upload and view photos, and fill the iPhone with TV shows and movies
  • Take the iPhone online--learn how to get online, use email, browse the Web, and use the GPS and other location servcies
  • Go beyond the iPhone--discover how to use iPhone with iTunes, get wireless “push” syncing of your email, calendar, and address book with MobileMe or Exchange, and learn about The App Store where you can pick from thousands of free or cheap add-on programs
  • Fill in the blanks--find out which new apps restore “missing” features to the iPhone: voice dialing, video recording, sending geotagged photos by email, radio, voice recording, and more

Teeming with high-quality color graphics and filled with humor, tips, tricks, and surprises, iPhone: The Missing Manual, Second Edition quickly teaches you how to set up, accessorize, and troubleshoot your iPhone. Instead of fumbling around, take advantage of this device with the manual that should have been in the box. It's your call.

For a review copy or more information please email peyton@oreilly.com. Please include your delivery address and contact information.

David Pogue is the weekly personal-technology columnist for the New York Times and an Emmy award-winning tech correspondent for CBS News. With 3 million books in print, he is also one of the world's bestselling how-to authors. In 1999, he launched his own series of complete, funny computer books called Missing Manuals, which now includes more than 30 titles.

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iPhone: The Missing Manual, Second Edition
David Pogue
ISBN: 9780596521677, 376 pages, $24.99 USD, £15.50 GBP

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