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Take Your Best Shot--New from O'Reilly: Digital Imaging Expert Tim Grey Tackles Your Digital Darkroom Questions

July 25, 2008

Take Your Best Shot Sebastopol, CATim Grey loves answering questions. In fact, for years he's been answering queries on digital photography topics in his popular DDQ: Digital Darkroom Questions daily email newsletter, at public speaking appearances, in hundreds of magazine articles, and in his printed "Digital Darkroom Quarterly" newsletter.

"The Digital Darkroom Questions (DDQ) started as a total experiment," explains Grey, the author and coauthor of over a dozen books on digital photography and imaging. "Part of the motivation for the DDQ email was my notion that people learn well in the question and answer format. I had been answering questions for about six years when publishers began telling me what a great book it would make. I agreed. So I decided it was time to make it happen."

The result? Tim Grey's newest publication--Take Your Best Shot (O'Reilly, $34.99)--which is devoted to answering digital shooters' questions. In it, Grey, a member of the Photoshop World Dream Team of Instructors, provides the answers to the most common and vexing digital darkroom questions. Written in the Q&A format, the colorful new reference shows you how to overcome technical and creative obstacles. And with today's evolving world of digital photography, Tim's authoritative voice and experience is the one best suited to provide this ultimate definitive guide.

"Today many photographers feel they don't need a lot of new information because they have already learned so much. But what I've found is that what they've learned isn't always accurate," notes Grey. "Writing Take Your Best Shot provided an opportunity for me to settle some common questions once and for all. Readers will discover how to reconcile the conflicting information they've received from various sources."

The topics covered in Take Your Best Shot include:

  • Understanding digital darkroom fundamentals
  • Selecting the right tools--from cameras to printers
  • Choosing between RAW and JPEG formats
  • Getting a grip on color management
  • Optimizing your images in Photoshop
  • Solving common problems such as noise, blown highlights, and color casts
  • Making high quality prints
  • Sharing your images electronically with the world

Unlike most how-to guides, Take Your Best Shot provides clear, informed answers to the questions serious photographers ask most often. It's organized by subject, so you can look up any issue or, by browsing, find the answer to the very question you were hoping someone else might ask. So if you want to know the "why" along with the "how," this book is the one you want--the straight scoop from an expert who knows his business and loves his work.

"I love photography, I love technology, I love digital imaging, and I love writing," says Grey. "I can assure you that after more than six years of answering questions, I have a pretty good sense of what the top questions are, so I think you'll find some very helpful answers in my book."

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Tim Grey is the author of a dozen books and hundreds of magazine articles on digital imaging for photographers. He also publishes the Digital Darkroom Quarterly print newsletter and Digital Darkroom Questions email newsletter. He speaks at a variety of events, including Photoshop World as a member of the Photoshop World Dream Team of instructors.

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Take Your Best Shot
Tim Grey
ISBN: 9780596518257, 252 pages, $34.99 USD, £21.99 GBP

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