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Building Embedded Linux Systems--New from O'Reilly: Concepts, Techniques, Tricks, and Traps

August 26, 2008

Building Embedded Linux Systems Sebastopol, CA—There's a great deal of excitement surrounding the use of Linux in embedded systems -- for everything from cell phones to car ABS systems and water-filtration plants -- but not a lot of practical information. A new release from O'Reilly Media, Building Embedded Linux Systems, Second Edition ($49.99), fills this gap by offering an in-depth, hard-core guide to putting together embedded systems based on Linux.

Updated for the latest version of the Linux kernel, this new edition gives you the basics of building embedded Linux systems, along with the configuration, setup, and use of more than 40 different open source and free software packages in common use. The book also looks at the strengths and weaknesses of using Linux in an embedded system, plus a discussion of licensing issues, and an introduction to real-time, with a discussion of real-time options for Linux.

In the preface, the book states that it "…makes no assumptions as to the tools you have at hand or the scope of your project. All that is required…is an Internet connection to download the necessary packages, browse specific online documentation, and benefit from other developers' experiences, as well as share your own. Besides giving the greatest degree of freedom and control over your design, this approach is closest to that followed by the pioneers who have spearheaded the way for Linux's use in embedded systems."

This indispensable book features arcane and previously undocumented procedures that explain how to:

  • Build your own GNU development toolchain
  • Select, configure, build, and install a target-specific kernel
  • Create a complete target root filesystem
  • Set up, manipulate, and use solid-state storage devices
  • Install and configure a bootloader for your target
  • Cross-compile a slew of utilities and packages
  • Debug your embedded system using a plethora of tools and techniques
  • Use the uClibc, BusyBox, U-Boot, OpenSSH, thttpd, tftp, strace, and gdb packages
  • Exploit real-time feature with Xenomai or the RT kernal patch

By presenting how to build the operating system components from pristine sources and how to find more documentation or help, Building Embedded Linux Systems greatly simplifies the task of keeping complete control over your embedded operating system.

Advance Praise:
"...there's enough background on FireWire, I/O requirements, distribution, patent issues, storage methods, GRUB with DiskOnChip devices, and other considerations to give even the most sophisticated developer a new lease on life. If you are an experienced embedded system developer and you want to start using Linux, there's no other book for you."
-North Bay Multimedia Association

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Gilad Ben-Yossef is the cofounder and CTO of Codefidence LTD. and has been assisting OEMs make use of free and open source software in commercial products and services since 1998. He is also cofounder of Hamakor, an NPO devoted to the promotion of FOSS in Israel, and a founding organizer of "August Penguin," an Israeli community FOSS conference.

Jonathan Masters works on the Linux kernel for Red Hat.

Karim Yaghmour is the founder and president of Opersys Inc., a company providing expertise and courses on the use of open source and free software in embedded systems.

Additional Resources:
For more information about the book, including table of contents, index, author bios, and cover graphic, see the catalog page for Building Embedded Linux Systems.

Building Embedded Linux Systems, Second Edition
Karim Yaghmour , Jonathan Masters , Gilad Ben-Yossef
ISBN: 9780596529680, 462 pages, Book Price: $49.99 USD, £30.99 GBP
PDF Price: $39.99 USD


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