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Hello, Android--New from Pragmatic Bookshelf: Introducing Google's Mobile Development Platform

January 26, 2009

Hello, Android Raleigh, NC—Android offers a compelling, fresh take on mobile applications. It blends the ubiquity of cell phones, the excitement of open source software, and the corporate backing of Google and other Open Handset Alliance members such as T-Mobile, Sony Ericsson, Intel, ARM, Sprint, Motorola, and NTT DoCoMo. Pragmatic Bookshelf's new book, Hello Android: Introducing Google's Mobile Development Platform ($32.95 USD), will get you started.

Author Ed Burnette says, "While there are many mobile platforms on the market, including Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Linux Mobile, Android is special. It's the the first to combine portability across a wide range of hardware, a wide-open marketplace for applications, a high level of security and application isolation, a Linux-based architecture, and tons of built-in services such as GPS, SQLite, and embeddable Maps. The result is a mobile platform developers can't afford not to learn."

With Ed's new book, getting started with Android is easy. You don't even need access to an Android phone, just a computer where you can install the Android SDK and the phone emulator that comes with it. Within minutes, Hello, Android will get you creating your first working application: Android's version of "Hello, World."

From there, you'll build up a more substantial example: an Android Sudoku game. You'll learn about many aspects of Android programming, such as creating user interfaces (including touch, D-pad, and keyboard input), building location-based services (including GPS and cell-tower triangulation), and working with sensors (accelerometer, compass). You'll also see how to build in multimedia audio and video, add graphics using 2D and 3D OpenGL, network with web pages and web services, and store data with SQLite. You'll get a full overview of the Android application life cycle.

If you're a busy developer who'd rather be coding than reading about coding, this book is for you.

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Ed Burnette is a professional developer and author living in Cary, North Carolina.

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For more information about the book, including code, errata, discussions, excerpts, a full table of contents, and more, see the catalog page for Hello, Android.

Hello, Android
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
Ed Burnette
ISBN: 9781934356173, 228 pages, $32.95 USD, £25.50 GBP

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