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Java Web Services--New from O'Reilly Media: A Quick, Practical, and Thorough Introduction

February 23, 2009

Java Web Services: Up and Running Sebastopol, CA—In Java Web Services: Up and Running (O'Reilly, US $34.99), Martin Kalin provides a code-driven introduction to JAX-WS (the Java API for XML-Web Services), the framework of choice for Java web services, whether SOAP-based or REST-style. Kalin's approach is to interpret JAX-WS broadly and, therefore, to include leading-edge developments such as the Jersey project for REST-style web services, officially known as JAX-RS (Java API for XML-RESTful Web Services).

Kalin's book is for programmers interested in developing Java web services and Java clients against web services, whatever the implementation language. "My code examples are short enough to highlight key features of JAX-WS but also realistic enough to show off the production-level capabilities that come with the JAX-WS framework," says Kalin.

Java Web Services: Up and Running takes a clear, no-nonsense approach to these technologies by providing readers with a mix of architectural overview, complete working code examples, and short yet precise instructions for compiling, deploying, and executing a sample application. You'll learn how to write web services from scratch, as well as how to integrate existing services into your Java applications.

With Java Web Services: Up and Running, you will:

  • Understand the distinction between SOAP-based and REST-style services
  • Focus on the WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) service contract
  • Understand the structure of a SOAP message and the distinction between SOAP versions 1.1 and 1.2
  • Learn various approaches to delivering a Java-based RESTful web service, and for consuming commercial RESTful services
  • Know the security requirements for web services, both SOAP- and REST-based
  • Learn how to implement JAX-WS in various application servers

Ideal for students and experienced programmers alike, Java Web Services: Up and Running is the guide you need to get going on this technology right away.

"Java Web Services: Up and Running has lots of examples that I found very useful; from using Amazon Associates Web Services to a chapter on security that has good diagrams and descriptions of security and encryption ciphers, in addition to examples using certificates that I haven't seen in other texts."
– Greg Ostravich, President, Denver Java User Group

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Martin Kalin has a Ph.D. from Northwestern University and is a professor in the College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University. He has co-written a series of books on C and C++ and written a book on Java for programmers. He enjoys commercial programming and has co-developed large distributed systems in process scheduling and product configuration.

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Java Web Services: Up and Running
Martin Kalin
ISBN: 9780596521127, 316 pages, Book Price: $34.99 USD, £26.99 GBP
PDF Price: $27.99 USD


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