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You are invited to a free, live webcast: Shooting Digital: What are YOU missing? Presented by Mikkel Aaland

March 18, 2009

The modern digital camera is a powerful tool, capable of far more than the camera of yesterday. And yet many of us only see the familiar and are blind to the new. What are YOU missing?

For example:

• Almost all digital cameras provide dynamic user control over ISO and the sensitivity of the sensor. When did you last exercise this control?

• A digital image is only as good as the optics used to make it. Have you ever considered using imaging software to get rid of chromatic aberrations, or distortion?

• Does your digital camera lack a good wide angle of view? Do you know how easy it is to take multiple images and stitch them together with software to create stunning panoramas?

• Have you ever panicked when you saw your camera's white balance setting was all wrong? Do you know how easy it is to correct this imbalance with software, especially if you are shooting RAW?

• Have you used your digital camera's video features, and if not, why not?

• Are you aware how easy it is to add GPS tagging to your digital images, even if your digital camera doesn't offer this option

In this webcast we will look at some commonly forgotten or unknown features of digital cameras and imaging software, then open the discussion to your experiences with the known and unknown world of digital photography.

Attendance is limited, so register now. We'll send you a reminder before the webcast. And please feel free to share this invitation with others.

Date: Thursday, April 9 at 10 am PT
Price: Free
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
To register: oreilly.com/go/shootingdigital
Questions? Please send email to webcast@oreilly.com

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About Mikkel Aaland
Mikkel Aaland is an award-winning photographer, workshop leader, and best-selling author of Shooting Digital, Photoshop RAW, Photoshop Lightroom 2 Adventure, and many more digital photography books. Since 2001 Aaland has been a regular guest on G4's Call For Help TV Program with Leo Laporte. In 2003 he was a guest columnist for newsweek.com. In 2004, Shooting Digital was named the best "Digital Photography" book of the year by the Designer's Bookshelf.

Aaland has been a pioneer in digital photography, an interest that dates back to a 1980 interview he conducted with Ansel Adams. When Aaland asked Adams what he would be pursuing if he were just starting out, Adams discussed at length his fascination with digital photographs of the planets. Aaland has pursued this new technology since its infancy. During the 1980s he reported on digital photography as west coast editor of the Swedish FOTO magazine, and wrote a column on the subject for American Photographer magazine. Aaland is one of the few original Adobe Lightroom's alpha and beta user, and he served as an unpaid advisor on the project for over a year.

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