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JUNOS Enterprise Switching--New from O'Reilly: A Practical Guide to JUNOS Switches and Certification

July 30, 2009

Sebastopol, CA--JUNOS Enterprise Switching (O'Reilly Media, $69.99 USD) is the only detailed technical book on Juniper Networks' new Ethernet-switching EX product platform. With this book, you'll learn all about the hardware and ASIC design prowess of the EX platform, as well as the JUNOS Software that powers it. Not only is this extremely practical book a useful, hands-on manual to the EX platform, it also makes an excellent study guide for certification exams in the JNTCP enterprise tracks.

The authors have based JUNOS Enterprise Switching on their own Juniper training practices and programs, as well as the configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting guidelines they created for their bestselling companion book, JUNOS Enterprise Routing (O'Reilly Media, $69.99 USD). Using a mix of test cases, case studies, use cases, and tangential answers to real-world problems, this book covers:

  • Enterprise switching and virtual LANs (VLANs)
  • The Spanning tree protocol and why it's needed
  • Inter-VLAN routing, including route tables and preferences
  • Routing policy and firewall filters
  • Switching security, such as DHCP snooping
  • Telephony integration, including VLAN voice

Part of the Juniper Networks Technical Library™, JUNOS Enterprise Switching provides all-inclusive coverage of the Juniper Networks EX product platform, including architecture and packet flow, management options, user interface options, and complete details on JUNOS switch deployment.

Doug Marschke and Harry Reynolds are the authors of JUNOS Enterprise Routing (O'Reilly), the companion volume to this book.

Doug Marschke is JNCIE-ER #3, JNCIE-M #41, and JNCIS-FW certified and was heavily involved in the Juniper certification exams from the start, having contributed to test writing, and is a coauthor of the current JNCIE Enterprise Exam. Doug currently spends his time working with both service providers and enterprises to optimize their IP networks and flies around the world sharing his knowledge in a variety of training classes.

Harry Reynolds has over twenty-five years experience in the networking industry, with the last fifteen years focused on LANs and LAN interconnection. He is CCIE # 4977, and JNCIE # 3, and also holds various other industry and teaching certifications. Harry was a contributing author on the Juniper Network Complete Reference (McGraw- Hill, 2002), and wrote the JNCIE and JNCIP Study Guides for (Sybex Books, 2003).

For more information about JUNOS Enterprise Switching, see:

JUNOS Enterprise Switching
Harry Reynolds & Doug Marschke
ISBN: 9780596153977, 750 pages
Print Book: $69.99 USD, Ebook: $55.99 USD order@oreilly.com

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