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Agile Coaching--New from Pragmatic Bookshelf

October 12, 2009

Raleigh, NC—Agile software development has become more than a buzzword, it's become an important and integral part of the software development landscape. But it's not easy to adopt agile and be successful at it.

Agile Coaching (Pragmatic Bookshelf, $34.95 USD), by practicing agile coaches Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley, gives you the tools you need to make the transition from agile practitioner to agile coach; to lead the change and establish an effective agile team.

Authors Davies and Sedley tell us, "In our experience, the hard part is not the mechanics of Agile practices, but how to coach people in adopting them."

Your team can become effective at agile, and Agile Coaching will show you how. It's a practical guide that de-mystifies agile practices and shows how to create strong agile teams. Packed with useful tips, this book gives you coaching tools that you can apply whether you are a project manager, a technical lead, or working in a software team.

You'll get a deeper knowledge of how agile practices work and how to inspire your team to improve. Discover how to coach your team through the agile lifecycle, from planning to writing software. Learn the secrets of running effective agile meetings and how to get your team following a consistent approach to creating software. You'll find chapters dedicated to introducing Test-Driven Development, designing Retrospectives, and making progress visible.

Find out what works and what to avoid when introducing agile practices to your team. Throughout the book the authors share their personal coaching stories from experience with real teams, giving you insights into what works and what to avoid. Each chapter also covers hurdles that you and your team may face and what to do to clear them.

If you want to make the move to agile, or are having trouble moving to agile, this book can help.

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Rachel Davies provides expert coaching to teams in Agile software development techniques, such as Test-Driven Development and planning with User Stories. She has been working with Agile teams using XP and Scrum since 2000.

Liz Sedley is an Agile Coach and .Net Developer working in London, UK. She has fifteen years industry experience, mostly as a C++ / C# developer.

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Agile Coaching
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
Rachel Davies, Liz Sedley
ISBN: 9781934356432, 250 pages,
Book Price: $34.95 USD, £26.99 GBP

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