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January 7, 2010

CSS Cookbook, Third Edition
By Christopher Schmitt
Learn how to solve the real problems you face with CSS. This cookbook offers hundreds of practical examples for using CSS to format your web pages, and includes code samples you can use right away. You'll find exactly what you need, from determining which aspects of CSS meet the specific needs of your site to methods for resolving differences in the way browsers display it.

HTML & XHTML Pocket Reference, Fourth Edition
By Jennifer Niederst Robbins
You're ready to make the move to much cleaner standards-compliant web design, but how do you keep all those HTML tags and CSS values straight? This handy pocket guide offers alphabetical listings of every element and attribute in the HTML and XHTML Recommendations. It's an indispensable reference for anyone working with web standards.

Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 21
By Mark Frauenfelder
Enter the world of desktop manufacturing with MAKE! Issue 21 offers the know-how you need to make three-dimensional parts with inexpensive computer-controlled manufacturing equipment. Perfect for individuals and small groups, these detailed how-to articles cover the use of both additive (RepRap, CandyFab) and subtractive (Lumenlab Micro CNC) systems.

R in a Nutshell
By Joseph Adler
R is one of the best tools available for data visualization and statistical computing, and R in a Nutshell is simply the best way to learn this open source language and environment. Practical and easy to read, this book demonstrates why R is an increasingly popular for analyzing moderate-to-large data sets, and contains a reference for the most commonly used features.

Bioinformatics Programming Using Python
By Mitchell L Model
Python is an ideal language for building software applications in life science research and development. This unique book will show you how to use Python specifically as it applies to bioinformatics, using code examples taken directly from this field and providing extensive coverage of relevant modules and techniques. Whether you're already familiar with Python, write code in another language, or have no programming experience at all this book is an excellent resource both for self-instruction and as a later reference.

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