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Velocity 2010: Fast by Default: O'Reilly Conference Opens Call for Participation

November 23, 2009

Sebastopol, CA, November 23, 2009—Great engineers and developers recognize the big picture. They see web performance and operations as a whole organism, while still keeping their eyes on the smallest component. O'Reilly's Velocity, the Web Performance and Operations Conference, enters its third year as the premier conference on performance optimization June 22-24, 2010, at the Hyatt Santa Clara in Santa Clara, CA. Program chairs Steve Souders and Jesse Robbins have opened the call for participation and invite proposals for conference sessions, panels, and workshops at Velocity 2010.

The emerging discipline of web performance and operations demands incredible breadth as it focuses more on how an entire system works together than on specific technologies. While people often specialize in particular components, great engineers understand web performance and operations in relation to the whole. Velocity 2010 showcases real-world best practices for optimizing web pages and sharing the unique knowledge only those who operate at scale experience. Performance and web ops experts and rock stars converge at Velocity to share case studies that provide information engineers can use today.

Steve and Jesse ask for authentic, descriptive, and specific proposals on topics including, but in no way limited to:

  • Effective cloud computing
  • Configuration management
  • Industry advances in Web Ops and Performance
  • Nonrelational DB tools and technologies
  • Amazon central DB
  • Couch DB
  • NoSQL

Velocity 2010 will bring together developers, engineers and managers from companies of all sizes, technical executives looking out for the bottom line, CTOs and CIOs seeking to streamline operations, technology evangelists and entrepreneurs pushing their enterprise boundaries, researchers, and academics.

Velocity 2010 offers attendees three intense days of:

  • Two tracks covering the key aspects of web performance and operations in depth
  • Inspirational keynote presentations that bring clarity to thorny issues
  • Hundreds of web developers and experts under one roof
  • An Exhibit Hall featuring dozens of the latest tools and products
  • Fun evening events, Birds of a Feather sessions, and plenty of networking opportunities

Sponsors for O'Reilly Velocity 2009 included Keynote Systems, Google, Shopzilla, Aptimize, Facebook, NeuStar, The Rackspace Cloud, Schooner Information Technology, SoftLayer, SpringSource, and Sun Microsystems.

Proposals will be accepted through January 11, 2010, and early registration will open in March, 2010. Proposals may be submitted to:

For more information on Velocity, visit:

If you have ideas about areas you'd like to see included at the conference, send a note to: velocity-idea@oreilly.com.

If you'd like to stay up to date on information relating to Velocity, sign up for the conference newsletter (login required) at:

For videos, presentation files, articles, blogs, and photos go to:

To learn what's on the program chairs' minds, visit Steve's blog at stevesouders.com/blog and Jesse's blog at radar.oreilly.com/jesse/.

To read Tim O'Reilly's take on the future, go to the O'Reilly Radar at:

For information about sponsorship and exhibit opportunities at Velocity, contact Yvonne Romaine at yromaine@oreilly.com.

If you would like to discuss forming a media or promotional partnership with O'Reilly for an upcoming event, contact mediapartners@oreilly.com.

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