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Host Your Web Site in The Cloud: Amazon Web Services Made Easy--New from SitePoint

September 23, 2010

Host Your Web Site In The Cloud
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Sebastopol, CA—Are you paying hundreds or thousands of dollars a month for old-school dedicated servers or rack space at a datacenter? Find out why companies like 37signals, livemocha, Urbanspoon and The Guardian already know: Cloud Computing is the future of webhosting.

Host Your Web Site In The Cloud (SitePoint, $39.95 USD) is your step-by-step guide to this revolutionary approach to hosting and managing your websites and web applications.

Cloud computing gives you the tools you need to prepare and cope with a traffic onslaught while dramatically cutting your monthly costs. Imagine paying just pennies per hour for server usage, and dynamically scaling your hosting infrastructure based on demand.

You'll learn how to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of cloud computing
  • Master the fundamentals of Amazon Web Services
  • Install and configure visual and command line tools
  • Store, retrieve, and distribute data quickly and easily build applications that scale
  • Manage the monitoring, load balancing, and scaling capabilities of cloud computing

As a developer, you need room and flexibility to be innovative. Why waste time worrying about the technical aspects of server capacity? AWS handles security, load balancing, and server resources virtually so you're not restricted to one physical server.

With the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud you can launch new servers in minutes, pay just pennies per GB for bandwidth, and store terabytes of data at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional data center.

Stop wasting time, money, and resources on servers that can't grow with you. This book's straightforward, practical advice and step-by-step guides will have you running your website on the cloud in no time!

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Host Your Web Site In The Cloud: Amazon Web Services Made Easy is available right now in printed and ebook formats. To download free sample chapters and view the table of contents, visit: http://sitepoint.com/books/cloud1

Host Your Web Site In The Cloud: Amazon Web Services Made Easy Host Your Web Site In The Cloud: Amazon Web Services Made Easy
Publisher: SitePoint
Jeffrey Barr
ISBN: 9780980576832, 300 pages
Print Price: $39.95  

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