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iPad Programming: A Quick-Start Guide for iPhone Developers--New from Pragmatic Bookshelf

October 7, 2010

iPad Programming
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Raleigh, NC—Want to write a killer app? Start with a killer device: the iPad. It's in a class by itself, and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities: the iPad has changed the rules about personal computing. Now it's also changing the way you think about developing great user software.

Discover what the iPad really is, what the iPad is capable of, and how you can take advantage of it with iPad Programming: A Quick-Start Guide for iPhone Developers (Pragmatic Bookshelf, $34.95).

This quick-start guide will have you writing iPad apps right away, using a combination of the familiar iPhone APIs along with the new APIs and additional templates designed specifically for creating iPad applications.

You'll learn all about Split Views, how to use Gestures, custom keyboards and of course, all about video. The iPad isn't just a bigger iPhone/iPod Touch, it's a unique device with it's own way of doing things and its own unique features. We'll show you how to take advantage of those features. But more importantly, we don't just teach you to write apps that run on an iPad, we teach you to create a new breed of application that will delight iPad users.

The rules have changed, and you need to know how to make the most of this groundbreaking device. Start with iPad Programming: A Quick-Start Guide for iPhone Developers today, and join the exciting, exploding new world of iPad application development.

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About the Authors

Daniel H Steinberg wrote "Cocoa Programming: A Quick-Start guide for Developers," the Pragmatic Programmers' best selling book on developing Cocoa applications for Snow Leopard. A long-time Mac developer, Daniel also teaches courses on Mac OS X, iPhone, and iPad development for the Pragmatic Studios.

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Eric T Freeman is a media company executive and co-author of two bestselling books: "Head First Design Patterns" and "Head First HTML & CSS." A computer scientist with a passion for media and software architectures, Eric has been an Apple programmer since the days of the Newton. Eric holds a Ph.D. from Yale University.

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For more information about the book, including: code, errata, discussions, full table of contents, excerpts from the book and more, see the catalog page for iPad Programming.

iPad Programming iPad Programming
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
Daniel H Steinberg, Eric T Freeman
ISBN: 9781934356579, 248 pages
Print Price: $34.95  

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