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Head First Python & Real World Instrumentation with Python--New from O'Reilly

November 17, 2010


"Remarkable power with very clear syntax" may be Python's rallying cry, but many still struggle with both the power and the syntax. Two new books expand your knowledge of and agility with this exciting programming language. Real World Implementation with Python and Head First Python use concrete examples to take the user to the next step in Python programming.?Contact me with the books you're interested in reviewing, as well as where you'll be posting your review.

—Gretchen Giles, gretchen@oreilly.com

New Titles from O'Reilly

Head First Python
by Paul Barry
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Ever wished you could learn Python from a book? Head First Python is a complete learning experience for Python that helps you learn the language through a unique method that goes beyond syntax and how-to manuals, helping you understand how to be a great Python programmer. You'll quickly learn the language's fundamentals, then move onto persistence, exception handling, web development, SQLite, data wrangling, and Google App Engine. You'll also learn how to write mobile apps for Android, all thanks to the power that Python gives you.

"Python usage is growing," says author Paul Barry. "It's in the cloud and it's also on mobile platforms, most notably on Android. Python is used almost everywhere and is especially strong within networked environments and on the web. Head First Python is designed to get Python into your brain in as short a timeframe as possible.?Everyone is busy, time is important and learning needs to be engaging, relevant and fun. We've worked hard to make sure Head First Python is all of these things."

Real World Instrumentation with Python
by John M. Hughes
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Learn how to develop your own applications to monitor or control instrumentation hardware. Whether you need to acquire data from a device or automate its functions, this practical book shows you how to use Python's rapid development capabilities to build interfaces that include everything from software to wiring. You get step-by-step instructions, clear examples, and hands-on tips for interfacing a PC to a variety of devices.

"The time seemed right to couple the power and flexibility of Python with the new breed of low-cost instrumentation devices to create data acquisition and control systems that would have been too costly or too complicated before now," says author John M. Hughes.?"If the reader can understand basic programming concepts, handle a little bit of math, and use a screwdriver—they should be able to connect things to a PC to monitor and control events in the real world."

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