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Inside the Microsoft Build Engine, Second Edition: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build--New from Microsoft Press

January 13, 2011

Microsoft Press

Inside the Microsoft? Build Engine, Second Edition

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Sebastopol, CA—Drill into MSBuild—and maximize your control over the software build and deployment process. Inside the Microsoft® Build Engine, Second Edition (Microsoft Press, $59.99 USD) has been fully updated for MSBuild 4, Microsoft .NET Framework 4, and Visual Studio 2010, including support for Visual C++®. Gain the critical insights and examples you need to customize and extend build processes with MSBuild. And learn how to scale them to the team, product, or enterprise level with Team Foundation Build.

"The importance of the build process has increased significantly in the last few years due to the complexity of software that is being written today," says coauthor Sayed Hashimi (@SayedIHashimi). "For any project that consists of just a few developers, having a proper build process is very important."

Adds coauthor William Bartholomew (@wbarthol), "Developers are starting to realize the importance of automating the build of even small applications to save them time and hassle."

With Inside the Microsoft® Build Engine, Second Edition, you will discover how to:

  • Master core techniques for creating MSBuild project files
  • Work with built-in tasks and loggers—or write your own
  • Accelerate build time with incremental builds and batching
  • Invoke external tools in scripts and create reusable files
  • Exploit the full set of extensibility features for Visual C++ 2010
  • Create customizations such as code generation, code analysis, and unit testing
  • Install, configure, and extend Team Build
  • Use Windows® Workflow Foundation with Team Build for complex branching and custom logic
  • Deploy Web applications with MSDeploy and the Web Publishing Pipeline
  • Study and reuse the cookbook examples

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About the Authors

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi is a consultant, trainer, and senior software developer who has designed large-scale, distributed applications using a variety of programming languages and platforms, including Microsoft .NET, C++, and Java. This is his third book on MSBuild.

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William Bartholomew is a software development engineer at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA. He is a member of the Developer Division Engineering Systems group, which includes the build lab responsible for building and shipping Microsoft Visual Studio®.

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Inside the Microsoft? Build Engine, Second Edition Inside the Microsoft® Build Engine, Second Edition
Publisher: Microsoft Press
By Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi, William Bartholomew
Print ISBN: 9780735645240   Ebook ISBN: 9780735645257  
Pages: 624
Print Price: $59.99   Ebook Price: $47.99  

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