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The Manga Guide to Relativity: A Cartoon Guide to Einstein's Revolutionary Theory of Relativity--New from No Starch Press

April 12, 2011

The Manga Guide to Relativity

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San Francisco, CA, April 12, 2011—The acclaimed Manga Guide series from No Starch Press returns with its most mind-boggling subject yet: a cartoon guide to Einstein's theory of relativity. Hailed by critics as "stimulation for the next generation of scientists" and "a great fit of form and subject," each Manga Guide teaches science and mathematics using original Japanese comic illustration. Readers learn difficult subjects almost effortlessly as they progress through each story, without the drudgery of a dry textbook.

With The Manga Guide to Relativity (April 2011, 192 pp., illustrated, $19.95, ISBN 9781593272722), readers master some of modern physics' most profound insights, like unified space-time and the equivalence principle. They see how relativity affects modern astronomy, and discover why GPS systems and other everyday technologies depend on Einstein's extraordinary discovery. Best of all, the cartoon story makes a difficult subject fun: Readers learn alongside the book's main character, Minagi, as his plucky teacher Miss Uraga explains the counterintuitive laws that shape our universe.

"Relativity theory really captures people's imaginations," said No Starch Press founder Bill Pollock. "Who isn't intrigued by time dilation and the effects of near light-speed travel? Like all the Manga Guides, The Manga Guide to Relativity draws readers into a difficult subject using a lighthearted and engaging story. Whether it's kids or adults, teachers or students, physicists or manga fans—anyone interested in Einstein's work is sure to have a blast reading this book."

In The Manga Guide to Relativity, readers learn how to:

  • Understand and use E = mc2, the world's most famous equation
  • Calculate the effects of time dilation using the Pythagorean theorem
  • Understand classic thought experiments like the Twin Paradox, and why length contracts and mass increases at relativistic speeds
  • Grasp the underpinnings of Einstein's special and general theories of relativity

Co-published with scientific and technical publisher Ohmsha of Tokyo, Japan, The Manga Guide to Relativity is an engaging romp through some of the most revolutionary ideas in the history of science.

For more information or to request a review copy of The Manga Guide to Relativity, contact Colt Blackmore at No Starch Press (nostarchpr@oreilly.com, +1.415.294.3807), or visit www.nostarch.com.

A look inside The Manga Guide to Relativity (Click to Enlarge):

About the Supervising Editor

Hideo Nitta completed his doctorate at Waseda University Graduate School of Science and Engineering, 1987, majoring in Theoretical Physics and Physics Education. He is currently a professor in the Department of Education at Tokyo Gakugei University. He is also the author of The Manga Guide to Physics (Ohmsha, No Starch Press).

About the Author

Masafumi Yamamoto completed his doctorate at Hokkaido University Graduate School of Engineering, Division of Applied Physics, 1984. He is currently Representative Director of Yaaba, Ltd.

Additional Resources
Prologue and Chapter 1: "What Is Relativity?" (PDF)
Table of Contents
Detailed Table of Contents (PDF)
Index (PDF)
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The Manga Guide to Relativity The Manga Guide to Relativity
Publisher: No Starch Press
by Hideo Nitta, Masafumi Yamamoto, Keita Takatsu, and Trend-pro Co., Ltd.
ISBN 9781593272722, $19.95 USD  
April 2011, 192 pp.

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Available in fine bookstores everywhere, from http://www.oreilly.com/nostarch, or directly from No Starch Press (http://www.nostarch.com, orders@nostarch.com, 1-800-420-7240).

About the Manga Guide Series
Each volume in the Manga Guide series explains essential scientific and technical subjects using Japanese-style comics. Co-published with Ohmsha, Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan, each guide is written by a scientist or mathematician with expertise in the field and illustrated by a professional manga artist and scenario writer, ensuring the authenticity and accuracy that readers demand. Bestsellers in their original Japanese, these unique books are translated into English with the assistance and oversight of technical experts. Titles in the series include The Manga Guide to Statistics (9781593271893), Databases (9781593271909), Electricity (9781593271978), Physics (9781593271961), Calculus (9781593271947), Molecular Biology (9781593272029), and Relativity (9781593272722).

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