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Take Control of Garageband with Two New Ebooks from TidBITS

April 21, 2011

GarageBand is the digital music-making and recording application of choice for many Macintosh users, but up-to-date, real-world documentation is hard to find. To fill this gap, TidBITS Publishing Inc. has released a pair of ebooks—Take Control of Making Music with GarageBand '11 and Take Control of Recording with GarageBand '11. Written by Seattle-based composer and musician Jeff Tolbert, the ebooks help readers understand how to work creatively and effectively within GarageBand and include links to audio examples and the actual GarageBand projects that created them, and hundreds of tips for making the most out of GarageBand's tools.

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New Titles from TidBITS

Take Control of Making Music with GarageBand '11
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This 159-page ebook provides step-by-step instructions and linked-in audio examples for using GarageBand's built-in loops to create five songs, explaining not only how to use GarageBand's editing and mixing features but also how to be playful and creative while composing tunes that please the ear. Readers will learn how to plan a song, get the most out of Magic GarageBand, edit and arrange Real Instrument and Software Instrument loops, score a video, craft a ringtone, create exciting mixes, and export projects. The ebook also covers how to change track volume, tempo, and panning dynamically, and how to work with GarageBand's effects.

Questions answered include:
  • What's the arrange track used for?
  • How can I use the stock GarageBand loops to make a cool song?
  • How can I expand my collection of loops?
  • How do I edit Software Instrument loops?
  • I don't read music. Why do I care about Notation view?
  • How do I change the tempo in different sections of my tune?
  • How do I make my mixes more dynamic and interesting?
  • How can I use GarageBand to score a video?
  • How can I customize a Magic GarageBand song so it doesn't sound like everyone else's?
  • How do I make a killer drum break out of GarageBand loops?
  • How can I make a ringtone for my iPhone?

Take Control of Recording with GarageBand '11
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This 166-page ebook explains how to create musical compositions with vocals, drums, guitars, MIDI keyboards, and even the kitchen sink. Readers will learn how to get the most out of their existing gear or purchase new equipment that fits their budget and style. The ebook covers how to plan a recording session, and it discusses real-world recording studio techniques for using a microphone effectively, getting the best sounds from your gear, applying effects, fixing mistakes, using the new Electric Guitar track and new stompbox effects, and recording multiple tracks at once. Two example songs demonstrate many of the techniques discussed.

Questions answered include:
  • How do Real Instrument and Software Instrument tracks differ?
  • How do I best record a vocalist?
  • How do I use the multi-take recording option?
  • I don't have an electric guitar. Can I still use the Electric Guitar track?
  • How can I fix up a good but sloppy performance?
  • What are the differences between the many GarageBand amps?
  • How do I use the stompbox effects?
  • How can I change an effect over time in a track?
  • What should I know about punching in?
  • My GarageBand recordings sound lame. Can I make a decent-sounding recording with this program?

Jeff Tolbert is a composer and musician living in Seattle, where he is currently writing music for advertising and video games in the comfort of his home studio. He plays bass for several Seattle acts, as well as guitar, piano, ukulele, trombone, and various percussion instruments and household objects.

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